[Solved] Known issue: Viki site and apps not loading

UPDATE, August 12 08:00 hrs UTC:
We have fully recovered from the downtime earlier. You should now be able to access Viki videos as well as features.

UPDATE, August 12 04:40 hrs UTC:
Recovery of Viki services is in progress. We recommend holding out a little bit longer for complete service recovery before resuming your watch or subtitling activities on Viki — some features were disabled to enable recovery. We are working to get these features back up.

We will provide another update once we have reached complete recovery. Thank you for being patient with us.

We are aware that the Viki site, mobile apps and TV apps are not loading in some regions. The team is investigating at the moment. Please stay tuned for further updates on this thread.

For immediate updates or recovery status, you can refer to our Twitter page @VikiStatus. (You can also access this page without owning a Twitter account.)