Solved - Viki com 503 service unavailable

Anyone experiences trouble at Viki. First it seemed I was logged out by Viki, but wasn’t, then it’s 503 with every page I try. Looked it up but system says Viki com is up and running. But running where?
The ratio is about 10 fails 1 score.
How about you?

I think everyone has this problem. I saw on twitter a lot of people mentionning @Vikistatus about that since a few minutes ago. And I also have this problem.

Yep, and now the problem with the pass is back, when I try to watch anything. I seem to be logged out by the system it asks me to buy Viki pass. Okay, I am officially kicked out.
Recaptcha is no help either, I guess, I will go to bed early today 9pm, if it weren’t for the stormy weather I guess I really could sleep peacefully.

Same problem here…urgh…:no_mouth:

Forgot to write here, this problem is taken care of.

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