Someone make hundreds of fake segments , how do i bring him to viki's attention?

Hello, someone made fake segments in my viki channel, i was told by my team about the many fake segments in the episodes, i can’t seem to find a way to contact viki, what can i do?
this is the channel
and the segments were made in episodes 8-9-10 beginning, and end .


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I thought those segments were made on accident by someone from the team!
If you know who is doing it, you can report the user through the help center.

To send a request to the help center:

They’ll get back to you eventually.
Explain the situation, tell them the user if you know who it is.

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i already checked , and is not someone from the team ,and for some reason , i can’t access the help center.

Do you want us to report it? if you cannot access, let us know

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Report it to Viki and maybe PM a mod too.
They can delete segs

I will try a last time, then i’ll inform you.

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I think i found out who did it , cause when i deleted some segments to check on him , in the volunteer section the numbers of his segments decreased from (1,225 ) to ( 1,172 ) for my channel contributions . isn’t that enough proof to tell viki about him ? @scircus , @Dudie , @Niennavalar , @aikokimchi ?

I think so, This person definitely will show in the volunteer segment section, I mean the picture of the person that you know is not from the team is definitely that person plus if you are telling me that that person segments decrease once you delete those fake segments that’s all the proof you need to report this person. let us know if you need us to help you delete the fake segments or whatever you need.

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Yeah, you should definitely report him.

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Yes if you are sure it’s him/her I would tell Viki. Then Viki can check of he/she did the same thing in other channels.

And maybe you can ask Viki to have your channel kind of ‘locked’ so only segmenters you assigned can segment.

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Yes, definitely. That’s enough proof, and viki will take care of the problem.

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Sure.I’ll do that. Thanks ! =)

I never understood why this wasn’t a standard thing on channels - to only let the people on the team work on an episode. It’s not like it’s particularly exclusive. All you have to do is ask to help and more often than not, managers welcome the help. It’s more a matter of knowing that people can’t just randomly come in to mess with things.

And even if a locked timer wasn’t the norm, I don’t know why it’s not within the manager’s power to decide to do it with the click of a button. I sent the help center a note about locking some of my channels. It’s been a week and no reply still :confused: A lot of stuff could happen in a week.

Yes I totally agree @scircus. I still remember the first ep of Gu Family Book, the segging team was all ready and waiting to start but could not begin because random people decided to try segging and mess things up. And I guess it’s not that ‘well known’ either that channels are open or that it’s possible to have it locked. I don’t think Viki does mention it somewhere on the site, I know about it because a manager told me.

Open channels without no team, lots of music channels, ok but otherwise…


I didn’t know you had to ask to get your channel locked for it to be available only for the team. I thought it was something all licensed channels had. But i agree, Viki should automatically lock channels or give channel managers the option to lock them. This would be very helpful, since having it open to everyone can mess up the subtitles and segments.

I’ll have to ask about that, since I’ve been getting lots of random contributers on one of my channels, and they are constantly messing with our completed work.

It’s weird. You would think it’s on auto-lock since you can add segmenters to your team. But apparently, Viki and reason don’t go hand in hand.

@Dudie Yeah, I don’t remember if I came across a locked timer or if a manager also told me about it. But I’m pretty sure Viki doesn’t state it out for you anywhere.

@aikokimchi Yes ask Viki to have it locked and also tell them which episodes are ruined by people, they can see who did it and most likely they can fix it for you too :slight_smile: