Sorry to be a pain about passwords

I need to change my password and I cant see where to do that, as forgot my password… oh someone please help… lol, thanks guys. xx

Go to the main page and move the mouse to your profilpic in the right top corner. Now you need to select the account settings and then you can click on password.

hope you can understand that :smiley:
this link allows you to reset your password.

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Okay so you forgot your first password ? Because if yes you can’t change your password when you are logged in since you need to confirm the first one before changing.

I hope you still know everything about your email.
If you forgot your password log out. Then when you want to sign in there is "forgot your password? "
Click there and give your email address so they can send you a link to change your password.

If you know your old /current password just do what nastja1404 said above.

Oh okay she already gave you the link ^^

You have to go where you watch the videos, not the discussion settings to change the password. That is the main menu.

thanks guys, I realised yes I signed in through facebook , so changed password there, , obviously had a bolonde moment hahahaha, I was scared to log out as been watching a drama and didnt want not to watch it ahhahaha, but all good in the hood, now… thanks guys you the best xxx