Story on the spot game

I want to see how creative people really are lately. Try and come of with an original and random story right now with no preparation. How this game works is the first person will say/type a quick story and then add the end of their story they have to pick a “main character” for the next person to use. The next person has to use that character in someway. OR you can continue someone else’s story. I will start a story and if some wants to continue it go ahead.
For examples if someone told me I had to make a 14 yr old as a main character, and his name was Kash. It could also be an animal/not human.I would have to find some way of using it. The story can be short or long.
My story on the spot:
Kash held a hand over his eyes as he listened to his younger brother ramble on about some new types of toy he was obsessed with. Kash tried his best to pay attention to his little brother but he couldn’t help feeling tired of his younger brothers extreme enthusiasm.
“Kash, isn’t that awesome?” Alden, his younger brother said.
Kash replied, “Um yeah,” giving him brother a slight smile.
He felt guilty he couldn’t give him Alden his full attention but he felt so drain. The new job he had started was really tasking.
Alden look at Kash and then asked, “Are you alright? What happened to you? You have been acting weird ever since you came home.”
Kash replied vaguely, “I am fine”
There were some things he just couldn’t tell his little brother. Alden may be more perceptive then most seven year olds, but he couldn’t tell Alden he suspected their uncle of scamming people. He felt torn about making the right choice and reporting what he overheard his uncle saying. IF Kash said anything it meant that his mom would lose her position in the company. Their father worked too but he was switching to a job at another company making this situation quite hard. He didn’t know what to do. Would he do whats right, or make the safe choice? He felt tears come to his eyes as an overwhelming sense of dread filled him. " TO be continued.
Have fun!


Uncle Sean had always been his favourite uncle. In his childhood, while his parents had been busy with their careers, Uncle Sean had been his rock. They’d gone to soccer games together and shared a love for Japanese dramas. His uncle had even persuaded his parents to get him a dog for his ninth birthday.
Sakura was a hybrid of an Akita and a Kooikerhondje and Kash couldn’t imagine his life without that great companion anymore. The poor dog had not been more than a skelet when the animal shelter had picked her up from the street and it had taken a lot of patience and love for Sakura to start trusting Kash.
To think that that same Uncle Sean, who’d done so much for him throughout his life, could be … a criminal? No, he must have misunderstood. But then … why did his uncle say on the phone: “If I can keep this up for another month, they’ll trust me enough and then I’ll make my move. And before you know it, we’re on the Bahamas together with no more worries about money ever again.”?


I really like where you took this story! grins I wonder where it will end up. I have a feeling it will be really funny to read. Adding in the fact Kash has an emotional attachment to the uncle was a great choice, loved the bit about the dog. hugs -Ary

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A ring interrupted his deep thoughts. Distressed, Kash looked up to see his younger brother balancing a phone in one small hand, the other occupied by his plushy. The screen flashed, summoning the root of his anxiety.

“Hey kiddo, where did you run off to? Your manager said you left as soon as your shift was over… did you forget about us going to pick up dinner for Aiden?”

“Oh, hey. I’m sorry, yeah, I totally forgot…”, replied Kash, followed by an awkward pause. The cogs in his head were turning a thousand miles per hour, overwhelmed and under-slept.

His uncle, now worried by his tone, stumbled out, “Okay… well, don’t worry about it. I’ve left your office now so I should have the food over in about forty minutes. See you soon!” He wondered what was troubling him as he started the engine.

“Yeah… see you soon.”

Aiden, hearing the news of takeout on the way, became evermore frantic. Hearing the excitement in the background, his uncle chuckled.

Kash loved his brother dearly. He really did. His little brother was his entire life growing up, as he fed, bathed, and looked after him with the utmost adoration. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but tug at the ends of his hair, praying for some peace and quiet to process all that had happened today.

As, the ringtone dialed the end of the conversation, Kash collapsed backwards onto the sofa, blocking out the harsh lighting in the flat and finally dozing off, Sakura laying at his feet.


Writing was never my favourite thing, but I had to join in the creative fun! :smile:


Nice! It’s good to see some people who don’t consider themselves drawn to writing posting stuff too! I am loving where this story is going. grins


Aiden shook Kash’s arm and shoulder waking him from the contentment of the dream.
“Uncle Sean’s here! Open the door.” he shouted, shaking Kash further.
Kash being slightly annoyed at being ripped away from such a blissful dream took a few seconds to recompose himself and went to the front door as the doorbell rang out again.
“what took you so long kiddo? Were you asleep or something? Bit of a rush.” exclaimed Sean as he shimmied into the hallway with two large bags of takeout passing Kash propping the door open.
“Uncle! Look at this toy I’ve got! It’s awesome!” greeted Aiden as Sean dropped off the food on the table inside.
Kash stared out of the now vacant doorway and glanced towards Sean’s car. There he noticed a woman in a smart black business suit standing next to the passenger door looking down the road. She appeared to be oriental, about mid to late twenties with long shoulder-length hair. The woman upon seeing Kash looking out towards her turned slightly and began to bow in the usual Japanese manor towards Kash. He felt extremely awkward, being caught off guard by the cultural difference that he had only seen in the dramas he watched with his uncle.
As she stooped, some of her long hair slid pass her shoulders and as she straightened back up and tucked her hair back behind her ear, Kash immediately noticed the distinct white silk scarf tie draped delicately around her neck. It had the same butterfly prints as he had just dreamt of only hers were a light purple colour but definitely identical in design.
“Oh, that’s Reiko from Minato Constructions. Late dropping her off at the Beaumont where she’s staying. She’s here doing some pre-planning for the main visit of the Minato big-wigs next week.” explained Sean as he hurried out again. None of which would have normally been of interest to Kash, Sean was always very talkative that way, that was how he overheard the phone conversation, but this time Kash was listening with great intensity to every word flowing out of Sean.
“Have your folks call me!” he waved bye with his phone, without glancing back as he headed towards the car to usher Reiko back into the passenger seat.
Kash slowly closed the front door as he watched the car pull away, his mind now frantically making hundreds of calculations and connections with the overheard phone call, his dream and the events that had just unfolded, slowly walking back to the dining table to the waiting Aiden.
“Let’s eat already!” demanded Aiden to the still absent-minded Kash.
“What have we got?” asked Kash as he inspected the content of the two bags, “Why on earth did Uncle Sean get us so much Sushi? Ughhh! Tons of raw fish, we’ll turn Japanese by the time we finish this.” he complained, tossing some fish towards Sakura.
Aiden stopped motionless, then stepped on his chair to reach his small body across the dining table pressing his small face to within an inch of Kash’s nose and said in a very stern voice like an old wise man.
“She is… going to… help you.” and with the blink of an eye sat back into his seat and continued demanding to be fed the still waiting food.
Kash pulled his head back, stared at Aiden and wondered what had just happened.