Subathon badge 2019


I recently saw that some already got the badge, so my question is if all already got it or if it is a progress when some users get it early and others later.

Or do I need to contact the help center bc of a no badge bug?


I too didn’t get my badge yet


Something is definitely wrong with that badge, I made a post at the HC about the QC badge that looks broken and the badge you mention. I was told QC would be okay and might only look that way for me, but there was no reply to the other issue.
I got a segmenter badge for the Spring Subathon badge 2019, I didn’t do any segment though. Another question, perhaps you do remember was it necessary to register for the Subathon?


yes, it is always necessary to register.

My QC badge is also broken and has been like that for months.

I got my subtitling badge for the Spring as promised but this Summer one, nothing…


I was asking for summer subathon, too.

I thought it should look like that xD with the lightening.


I did register for it.


There seems to be something else wrong. I visited the page of someone who got the Summer badge but I noticed that when you put your mouse pointer on it, it is supposed to show a little label of what that badge is, however it doesn’t show anything. So there seems to be a couple of issues with this kitty badge. :smirk_cat:


Oh! I just got mine! :smiley:


I have mine, too, now :slight_smile:


I have gotten my badge since today :o


I got my badge in my page already although other subbers got it a few days earlier. I got my 1,000 Spanish subtitle badge but the only thing I see a cat with sunglasses, and I thought it would be a bird? Maybe I was confused about the pic. As long as I have it, is all good!
Good Luck and hope you get your soon.


It has always been a cat. That was what was said in the message that announces the subathon


lol I told my daughter i was getting a cute bird for my contributions doing the Spanish subtitles (she gets paid $$$ but she works for a magazine).


when I first saw it, I thought it was a battery :upside_down_face:


hahahaha a battery


Hi all,

Thanks for your patience! We did have a bit of trouble applying the subathon badge (in particular the 500 tier badge). If you’re still having any issues of the badge not appearing on your profile, please feel free to send me a PM and I can look into it for you.

Viki Community Team