Subbers Without Mod are Not Allowed Anymore?

Not allowing subbers for a languages without a mod is not a good idea at all. Suppose it is someone new to viki who would like to sub in a less common language. The person who is new is not qualified to be a moderator but she should be allowed to start to subtitle. Such a rule is truly a barrier to the original intent of viki which was entertainment without the borders caused by inability to understand the source language of the media.


I don’t know if it will bring any information, so far the only staff I have seen these past months around here was @amm11 … So, Adriana maybe you could help out, all the years we have been continuously heard of Viki not to demotivate volunteers who are willing to contribute, but subbers, who do not want to be mod and don’t have any mod available in their language not being able to contribute, even they might be able to subtitle a lot on their own, not necessarily in bad quality either, wouldn’t have any chance now if this is the case.


It starts already if you have applicants for Czech, Thai, Urdu or Norwegian… or even Hindi. It’s one of the most spoken languages, but there are very few moderators. :roll_eyes: Or imagine you added subtitlers a while ago, and they finished the project, but are still not having enough contributions to become moderator (it was rather short). Do I have to remove them? Find a moderator who pretended to moderate? :woman_shrugging:

And of course, some may only focus on dramas that require QC or a VikiPass…


It’s only fair under this circumstances that they make an exemption from this going on now here at RViki ‘‘new rule?’’

In fact, unless we get an update directly from a staff member; we should not consider this to be a factual happening as of now. I think rare OL ‘‘subbers w/o a moderator no longer allowed’’ is not a wise move here at RViki, given the fact that ‘‘rare language’’ consist mainly of very small group of people. In some cases, the language is so rare, we might have only one person (subber) adding subs in dramas.

I understand that this might prevent ‘‘abusers’’ from working here, but I feel that this hasn’t been analyzed well enough, to be implemented as of today? Rushing through things, is what creates the so called monster ABUSERS that destroy the quality RViki has strived and has been so famous for so long. They need to research the complaints from the CM/Mod/etc… done about abusers, they must be remove from here completely (I see an abuser they haven’t gotten rid of bc he/she manages to make page after page) and I BELIEVE eliminating VPN was the most wonderful idea they had here, but we still have a ‘‘crack’’ they are coming through, and that is the controlling groups we have here, and they need to be found and dissolve once and for all. As long as we have this controlling groups here the vicious cycle won’t ever end, and the Abusers will continue to make havoc in here.


@vikicommunity no reply? It would be nice to have an official statement about this. Can we or can we not add editor/subber without a mod?


This is certainly an unfair rule. We have many Chinese to English subbers who can only do Chinese simplified to renew their QC status. They have way under 10,000 subs and are unqualified to be Moderator. Without their ability to regain QC status, they cannot do English subs on Standard Pass dramas. Most are students who help during their holidays, and it’s hard for them to maintain QC.

On my very first drama, I had a Greek friend to add as a first time Greek subber. There were no Greek Mods interested in the drama. She subbed the whole drama and quickly earned QC status. Now she takes others under her guidance and helps them get started on Viki. If she entered Viki now, and wasn’t allowed to start, we would have missed a great treasure!

Viki expects us to police the abusers and not allow them on our shows. When Viki gets enough complaints about someone, they remove the person. Then give us some freedom with non-abusers.

If someone is good and does the job well, I think we should be allowed freedom to use such a person. Otherwise, how will s/he ever get 10,000 credits to become a Language Moderator? Even our established Mods cannot accept the many shows which load every week! So how can they also supervise rookies who are willing to work on unpopular dramas?

This rule does not serve the community.


Hi, wasn’t it 3000 subs to become a mod? did they change that as well?


Last time I looked, it was 3 000 to edit / 10 000 to be a mod. :slight_smile:

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Considering how this rule was applied to reduce our (community’s) abuse of the 5-Mod rule, it’s obvious that there should be a clear rule saying:

  1. Those who are already qualified to be Moderators (more than 3.000 subs) are not to be added as solo subbers regardless of the number of current projects they have as Mods.

  2. Those who are not (as of yet) qualified to be added as Moderators are an exception and can be added as solo subbers.

The solution is easy.

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I’ve found about the requirements here:
The minimum requirements for someone to be assigned as a Language Moderator are:

  • The person must have at least 3,000 subtitles in the relevant language.

I checked another article here & there were nothing about editors except being Fluent in language being translated

I can’t find anything else after that & it’s date was May 11, 2022 so i’m confused tbh.


The system let’s us add anyone who has at least 3,000 subs (and a free slot) as a moderator.


In the specific language. :no_mouth:

I generally don’t know how these rules are benefitting anyone greatly. We have people known for copying subtitles from other websites or from translators (and there is clear evidence) that freely moderate or translate. We have experienced moderators providing bad subtitles because there are no proper rules that apply to them. We have Viki adding people as CMs who have been violating the slot rules for a long time. I’m not a huge fan of said rule, Viki only harms itself with it, but we are here worrying about e.g., Czech translators that can’t be added as moderators (but finished the project) while people with way over 5 projects get new channels every 2 months.

This applies to English editing, which is another joke as well. Imagine you only speak English - how are you supposed to become a General Editor or Chief Editor? Going through NSSA takes about 6 months at least. Or do they rather have people who learned English?
It’s not like there are many projects where you subtitle English audio or hardsubs. Especially not new ones.

It’s just tiresome. Instead, they tell CMs that subtitlers for some BL are supposed to be QC. Subtitlers. There isn’t even a reason provided (like a technical one). Maybe it’s about the challenging dialogues in BL dramas. They should rather start with Chinese history.

Do not discourage members from participating in your Channel, or on Viki.

All they do is telling us to exactly do this.


Thanks @mary19c11, @mirjam_465 and @xylune, I was apparently myself confused by the information.


If only the CEO’s out of the goodness of their heart would get a THIRD party person; not a RVIKI staff member (no offense intended since they are too busy to do all that work), and get to the bottom of what’s going on in here. Why these implemented new rules are not working for the good of all volunteers working here. Why work is not been fairly divided, and some get more work assignment than others. Why some teams have people added in their teams that have not been active for a year or more, but yet the page says they have done subtitles; but when you go to their profile page the page has no activity done by that person for a year or more. (which confirms they are no longer active). Who is getting access to these volunteer’s page and adding them in their team? Why are they doing this, and what’s the real intentions of the teams doing these unfair stuff?

When are these rules going to be fair for all the volunteers here willing to work for free at this site? There is no need for any TEAM no matter what language; to have so much control that they are doing the take over again ‘‘hogging’’ now positions, and making sure no one else (that wants to do the work) be able to work in those positions. For example, I have read how many people have applied (myself included) to be a CM/ Moderator, but never get a response, while a person that is working in 4 projects gets that CM/Moderator position right away! although they have plenty of work in their hands.

If any changes are going to take effect here, then, they need to make an official statement with clarity and honesty above all. If you look around and research well, you will see that this kind of behavior is affecting this site and things will only get worst. The controlling groups will get people thy can manipulate and these will be the future abusers that will never leave this place since they have a team covering up their misdeeds…


I’ve got native-fluency in both English and Macedonian and I’ve also got a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching and English-Macedonian (and vice versa!) translation. I’ve also got professional experience in editing due to my degree. I’m new to Viki, because I wanted to volunteer in my free time, but it’s proven difficult exactly because of this. I’ve been watching on Viki for a while and I noticed that my mother tongue, Macedonian, wasn’t on any of the dramas I’ve seen so far. So, I decided to make an account and volunteer, seeing as I know a ton of people in my country who’d love to watch, but would like the subs to be in Macedonian. I just wanted to make these dramas even more available.

Anyway, I volunteered for a couple of projects through the Project Finder, but I was told “We don’t have a mod for your language, sorry.” or I just didn’t get a reply at all. We’re a small country and as far as I’ve seen, there’s no one else that wants to volunteer in Macedonian. I would happily also volunteer to be a mod and mod myself and any other people if they turn up in the future. However, I cannot volunteer to be a Macedonian mod, seeing as I need to have 3000+ subtitles to qualify for the position. Also, I cannot get those 3000+ subtitles if I’m not allowed to subtitle because there isn’t a Macedonian mod already.

@vikicommunity Is there anything you can do about this?


To all CMs: time to boycott the new rule from Viki in case of new subbers in smaller languages.


Write me a mail. You can translate in one of my channels.

Since Viki does not follow his own rules and uses people as CM who have been reported before because they violate the 5 slot rule. Viki also doesn’t respond to my request regarding subbers who don’t have 3000 subtitles yet and belong to a small community, I also don’t need to follow rules that haven’t been officially announced yet.

And a note to abusers, should you sneak into my channels in this way, I will remove you.

Alex :e-mail:


For a variety of reasons, I have not been keeping up with Viki subbing weirdness for a while. At the moment, life in my part of the Viki-verse is pretty strange all by itself (see end of message).*

Every time I step away from the Viki community and come back, someone “in authority” (with whom subbers and seggers never have direct communication) seems to have made an executive decision without consulting anyone who actually does the work that enables Viki to compete with other “Asianese” streaming platforms.

I thought Viki was a part of Rakuten, not Samsung, but maybe there’s some financial deal between those two “money sources” that the Viki Community doesn’t know about.

Sub-paragraph five million under article three gazillion of a twelve billion page secret agreement: “Viki subbers and seggers may be ignored, overworked, underappreciated, discounted, ridiculed, confused, and otherwise mentally and emotionally messed with by any and everyone at any time for any reason.”

I am very close to getting enough subs done for After School Club to boot me to the next level, but there are days I think, “If I miss my deadline and have to pay to watch Viki, I’m not going to be the ultimate loser, Viki is.”

(And then I watch dramas such as She and Her Perfect Husband or It’s Beautiful Now . . . and I just fall in love all over again with the purity and devotion that shines out of the Viki community on behalf of Asian dramas.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*The latest strangeness in my life: I have a friend who is ethnic Chinese who is about fifteen years younger than I am; she went to med school and her husband got a PhD at the university where I went to grad school; she was at the Lunar New Year celebration in Monterrey Park, CA where an elderly Vietnamese man opened fire. She had just left the area where the poor, deranged man started shooting, and she posted fairly quickly on Facebook that she was okay.

I have no idea who in the Viki community might have been there or had family members at that celebration, but that was very sad. I am glad that no politician of any kind has dared to use that horrible incident to gain some kind of advantage over others.


I’ve created a new topic listing the channels for which I have access which don’t require a pass for new subbers.
K channels not requiring any pass to subtitle


Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I just sent you a message. I’m looking forward to translating for you. :smile: