Subs in the original language

Why can’t we use the OL subs in any of the shows?
Is it a matter of licencing?

What do you mean by that?

Unless there are hard subbed, I can’t find the subs for the OL of the show. E.g. chinese subs for chinese dramas etc.

Even the hard subs may disappear at some point.

Is it a matter of convenience for Viki or they are not allowed to use those subs for some reason?

I think Viki prefers getting videos without hardsubs, whenever possible. Looks better on the whole.

But I also assume that they don’t have the rights to distribute the Chinese subs that the videos aired with (unless they’re already encoded into the video). I know that when I helped sub some Taiwanese daily dramas, we were able to get a hold of the Chinese captions through Viki. We weren’t allowed to distribute them. They would only be made available to team members, and were only to aid in translating. And our access would be revoked / the captions would be deleted once we were done with the subbing.

If you want series to have subs for the original language, you’ll probably just have to count on a user to caption them.

What I would pay, really pay with hard cash to have in Viki, is a way to have two subs on screen (maybe top/ bottom). Especially the original language and English or Greek.

I’ve seen most c- dramas are hardsubbed and many US series have to option to watch with CC, especially on cable. What’s the norm in Korean? Because I rarely see Korean subs for k- dramas in Viki.

I see. Thanks.
It doesn’t make much sense to distribute everything related to a show except the subs, though :confused:

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Hey glykeria probably a little too late, but a lot of my projects have Korean softsubs cuz I input them by ear!!!
You can see both in the sub editor
Set FROM language (left dropdown menu) as Korean and the TO language English or Greek.

I’m on Marriage Contract, Pied Piper, Memory, Cheese-in-the-Trap, and Reply 1988.
Jiii one of the Korean native captioners who creates Korean captions for Goodbye Mr. Black.

You can view Korean captions for Splendid Politics as well. It’s done by a native Korean speaker.

Except for Reply 1988 and CIT, we did it all by ear!

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Never too late, thank you!!!

Entertainer has Korean captions as well. A chief editor called her “quick as a bunny.”

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