Subtiltle info says 100% but no subs are visible

Hi guys

I wanted to watch some episodes of Snow Tower and Legend of the Phoenix but even when it says 100% EN subs I don’t see any subs at all (they are activated and from one episode to another they were suddenly not visible anymore, also not after page reloading).

Any ideas how to solve that?

You watching on computer, TV, or phone?

I checked all three platforms and each work fine for me on episode 1 of Snow Tower and
Legend of the Phoenix.

You are certain that the subtitle cog is turned on for subtitles?

You might want to log out, close Viki’s page and log back in again.

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With laptop. It was a later episode like 10 or so and it was turned on because I was watching somein a row without touching the settings.

I will try to relog and see if it helps, thank you :slight_smile:

I relogged and now the subs are there again, nice.

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So glad you got the subs working again! Enjoy watching.

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