Subtitles assumption with vikipass

A lot of people seem to believe that their payment is related to the subtitles in a show. There are a lot of comments like “I have viki pass, why aren’t there subtitles?” “Or i am paying for the drama and they don’t have the subtitles in my language.” “Come on! we need my language subtitles that is why I bought viki pass plus.” “I am paying Viki Pass and you people are giving us horrible service. Give us subtitles in my language.”

As explained in the Viki Community Support… Viki Pass is a subscription service that allows people to watch exclusive content, free of ads and in HD and earlier than non subscribers.
Can Viki add to that definition that it has nothing to do with the availability of subtitles?

Also, can someone link the Spanish and Portuguese version of the TOS so at least I can provide a link and explanation to these people when they post comments and rating like the ones listed above? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


That is still an issue, Irmar wrote a post at the Help Center some time ago.
Viki is not helping much on this topic, they just avoid to be more transparent on this.

About not completed/missing subtitles this is Viki’s usual answer.


I’m surprised about how many people don’t actually know what they buy. I mean if you go to a store to buy a new TV , Laptop or whatever I assume you do research, read the specs etc.

When DF was still there and new I signed up for an account I also got mails about their premium service. But when I did read about the premium service it clearly stated it was for USA & Canada only. So not for Europe at all. Of course you had to read the info carefully otherwise you wouldn’t have known.

Ohh and people are good liars about how much money they spend on VikiPass 110$?! :joy: If the account was only for viewing then you only need one per household?!


I think it was a typo. It’s 10$ but I think they accidentally pressed the 1 twice. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: That’s exactly why they should READ what they write just like they should read what they’re buying. :joy::joy:


Unfortunately many don’t bother reading the fine print. Or anything in general. I was in an electronic sore listening to a guy yelling at the clerk, complaining that he drove all the way home and had to drive back because they didn’t give him cables with the printer he bought. Where right on the box it stated clearly that the box didn’t come with connecting cables. :tired_face:
Also quite sad that Irmar post has completely been ignore by the Viki team. They made very good points. Viki, is only ruining its own reputation when not providing clear TOS.

There are plenty of sites out there that one can go and watch dramas for free. For someone like me who uses a Linux box, I can easily go on those sites and watch them without being afraid of getting viruses. But those on Windows OS, have to be a bit more careful, still it is possible with the right anti-virus software and precautions.

I guess we need to put this phrase ourselves every time we see someone making comments like the ones from the beginning of the post in their specified language. (Shamefully copied and pasted from Irmar) 's post :blush:)
"Vikipass does not guarantee subtitles. Subtitles are a service provided by volunteers for all users, both free users and for subscribers. Viki provides the platform and the tools, but generally does not take any part in the subbing process, unless there is a specific technical or other issue.
A vikipass subscription or lack thereof has no relation to the availability of subtitles or the time of their completion.


Here we go … At the Help Center

I only give out links for information, I avoid getting into an argument.
As I can’t have V Plus, I got a bit confused - Are Chinese dramas in it, I thought it is only about Korean dramas and shows of the “Big 3”, it’s not?

For Negotiator the subbing progress is ongoing, up to episode 23 the English subs are completed. Maybe this Viki Pass Plus viewer expected all episodes with full subs?

It just seems to be another one thinking that subtitles will appear after paying for Viki Pass Plus. So Viki should fix the “technical” problem, but as we all know, you can’t see what isn’t there.

It takes time to subtitle and it seems to take even more time for Viki to let their costumers know. There is more information at the Help Center about no change for regional restriction after buying Viki Pass Plus, than about subtitles not being a part of the costumer’s contract.
The best argument -

“What would I need a series, movie without subtitles for? I don’t understand the language, so of course I need subtitles, and I am paying for subtitles.”

You can only lose trying to make viewers with that mindset understand, they just want another DF, …

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I wonder what is the subscription VS cancellation ration with Viki atm.
The problem is, at least for what I can see it is all explained in English so those that are not able to speak more than their own birth language are still left in the dark.

I would love to have a translation of this line in all languages (or at least the ones that have the highest complaints Spanish and Portuguese), turn them into an image so I can post it visibly in the comment section every time someone puts a comment regarding payment and subtitles.

“Vikipass does not guarantee subtitles. Subtitles are a service provided by volunteers for all users and not related to the subscription. Vikipass is a subscription service that allows you to watch exclusive content, free of ads and in HD only.”


It seems that Channel Managers have the power to have a comment pinned at the top as “featured”. Someone told me that but I went to a drama I was CM of and I didn’t see anything. Maybe this means the CM has to ask Viki, and Viki of course won’t do it because it doesn’t want this info to be immediately visible to all.

This seems to be an ongoing topic that never gets solved. So I assume Viki don’t mind all the misunderstandings and complaints of people who vote down each and every show due to subs… :thinking:


Possibly. :pensive: Or at least till they start losing subbers to other sites?

I’m no statistician, but I can’t help but think that this issue of misunderstanding with certain users erroneously believing that they are paying for subtitles isn’t of major concern to Viki, with regard to users complaints, negative reviews or canceling their subscriptions, etc.

My belief is based on observations over the years of other companies that were also once more like a cottage-industry circle (as the old invitation-only Viki used to be) rather than the massive corporation of today. Massive being the key word. There are now so many subscribers world-wide, that the complaints and negativity that we observe daily (and that drive us bonkers, as is in my case) are just a small drop in the huge Viki pot. Sadly, it seems to me, Viki isn’t concerned about the strain our volunteers endure by having to encounter these complaints ongoing. This hurts my heart.

I came to Viki via the old-school Japanese fansubbing circles, back in the 90s when VHS & VCDs were traded via mail. :smiley_cat: Once the anime or dorama aired, we would wait weeks or even months for the fansubs to be completed and ready for trades - the whole process of subbing was super old-school. Nowadays for me, witnessing subtitles being completed simultaneously online by people all over the world, often in a matter of hours, is positively amazing! Needless to say, I am immensely thankful to all of the volunteers on Viki!

Positive energy to you all, sheishun


I don’t know when this got added to the post, but can’t remember reading this before.

Love watching videos on Viki? Show your support and appreciation by thanking the community for their amazing efforts. Please don’t ask them when subtitles will be finished, or pressure them to subtitle faster – remember, they’re all volunteers!


I’m surprised about how many people don’t actually know what they buy. I mean if you go to a store to buy a new TV , Laptop or whatever I assume you do research you must check reviews.

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I guess they are trying to include better info. Still, this only works for those of us that can speak / read English.

There is one in German

Zur Erinnerung: Alle Untertitel für alle Sprachen werden von unserer leidenschaftlichen freiwilligen Community erstellt. Wenn Untertitel für ein Video nicht angezeigt werden oder unvollständig sind, ist die Community mit der Untertitelung noch nicht fertig. Aber keine Sorge! Du wirst es sehr bald bekommen. Du kannst hier auch mehr darüber erfahren, wie du unserer Community von Freiwilligen beitreten kannst!

Problem is however it’s another text.
It says:
As a reminder: All subtitles in all languages are made by our passionate voluntary community. If subtitles for a video are not visible or incomplete the community has not finished the subtitles yet. But don’t worry! You will get it soon. You can get to know more about here as well, how you can join our community of volunteers [link]!

And it’s place under the German version of Comment Guidelines.


¿Te encanta ver videos en Viki? Muestra tu apoyo y aprecio con unas palabras de agradecimiento a la comunidad por sus increíbles esfuerzos. No les preguntes cuándo terminarán los subtítulos ni los presiones para que subtitulen más rápido. Recuerda, ¡todos son voluntarios!


Ama assistir vídeos no Viki? Mostre seu suporte e apreciação ao agradecer à comunidade por seus incríveis esforços. Por favor, não pergunte a eles quando as legendas serão finalizadas, ou pressione-os para legendar mais rápido – lembre-se, eles são todos voluntários!


Come promemoria amichevole, tutti i sottotitoli in tutte le lingue vengono scritti dalla nostra appassionata community di volontari! Se i sottotitoli di un video non vengono visualizzati o sono incompleti, significa che la community non ha ancora finito di scriverli. Ma non preoccuparti! Lo faranno molto presto. Puoi anche scoprire come unirti alla nostra community di volontari qui!


Vous aimez regarder des vidéos sur Viki ? Montrez votre soutien et votre appréciation en remerciant la communauté pour ses efforts incroyables. Merci de ne pas leur demander quand les sous-titres seront terminés, ou de ne pas les presser de sous-titrer plus rapidement ; n’oubliez pas qu’ils sont tous bénévoles !

I don’t know how those posts are “connected” for some it worked just changing the language at the Help Center for others it didn’t. Anyway, hope this helps. @aristonomia Is there a certain language you would need a Viki version for?

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Now if they could just provide a translation we could cut and paste for all those who give low ratings in the Review section because it’s not in their language/area! BTW…ever notice sub-whiners NEVER delete their posts after subs are loaded?


I have seen some leave positive comments in the comments section but they don’t go back and change the ratings. Really frustrating.
I have been messaging on and off those that think the subscription includes subtitles but i doubt they read any of the messages anyway. Sadly :confounded::disappointed: