Subtitles in My Love From The Star

What happened to all the subs??? Is Viki having another bug?

I don’t know! But it’s happening in lots of channels! I noticed about 8 hours ago, but I thought it was only in one of the parts I was working with! Now that I’m checking all the channels where I’m volunteering, almost all of them have the same problem! I’ve lost almost all of the team work! Somebody knows?

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I don’t know what’s going on either :S But on one of the channels I’m moderating all the subtitles of some episodes disappeared ! Hope we won’t have to do it again ! :confused:

Je crois avoir déjà parlé quelque part des gigantesques bug de viki, celui-là en est un !

I noticed it too… But the subs still exists. When you go in subbing mode and choose the language in which you want to sub, you’re still going to see all your work… They just doesnt show when you want to watch it without subbing mode…


Yes! Thank you! I’ve just noticed that too! Oh my! I was really scared! But like you said, everything is still there. Weird bug, we got here. But hopefully Viki will fix it soon. I’m so happy now!

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yaaaaaaaaaaaay There BACK!

En effet xD !! heureusement que ça c’est réglé !!