Suddenly getting ticked into some volunteer "SANDBOX" rather than Sub or Seg Tools!

This is really weird tonight. I was working editing on a drama when suddenly, I went to change sections and ended up in SANDBOX! I log in with google and it keeps wanting me to log back in, it won’t hold???

Nothing I do gets me now back into the drama! I tried my on air, same story.

Anybody else? 1:13 am, Mountain Time, USA - um…?

this keeps happening. no matter which drama I try, I can’t get anything done…so…

Help! I put in a ticket and community post plus this trying to get some help in case I am the only person affected…maybe it’s depending on going google log in?

I will try again in the morning, I an’t seem to get where I need to go tonight!


That happens to me from time to time. It’s really annoying when I am All Languages Moderator.

they say it is fixed, so hopefully this is the case this morning. :slight_smile: first time I managed to run into it last night and well, that was the end of editing. :slight_smile: