Summer subathon 2022


Hi. I’ve just got a notification, that subathon starts on the 3rd August. Did it start already? I wasn’t ready at all!


Yes it did.


@zyxw Thanks for posting this. I just found out :expressionless:

After surfing some pages, more info here:

Nice butterflies…


Info came per Mail eine days ago and I saw it in the help desk section


They should have also created a 100 contributions badge - a caterpillar :grin:


:rofl: kkkkkkkkkkk


I agree LoL I also think they should be cumulative. If I make 10000 I should get the badges for 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000. I like them all. Why can’t I have them all?


I like how we’re both this greedy :joy: I want all the badges!!


I wish they would pop up as soon as we reached them, just like regular badges. “You have reached the Summer Subathon 500 badge! Only 500 more until your next badge!”


COUNT ME IN TOO! tbh currently i was thinking if i should leave it before 10k since 10k and top 100 badges seem to be the same butterflies just shiny. I want different badges :rofl:


Would be great but then Viki sending me pop ups daily “thanks for 100 contribution… just x more until your next one” and im like… why do I receive these almost a year later? lol