System change, or just a bug?

Okay, so I was going to start subbing on Love and TT, and when I got on the page of the drama, there were only 6 episodes listed. Which is exactly the number of released episodes. At first, I thought maybe Viki changed the system, and they are making available only the released episodes.
Went then on The Eternal Love 2 page, which is another on-air drama I work at, and to my surprise, there are NO episodes listed. Tried the holy refresh numerous times, but I didn’t get any results.
Does anyone have similar experiences?..

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Um no it’s not just you. I just tried to get into Yanxi Palace and it doesn’t show eps on my profile. (awesome, after 4 clicks…)

OO is showing odd things. Yanxi shows only eps 2, 7, 8 and 65??? WHAT the heck. I hope you contacted the overlords this is really bad. 2 acts like the video just arrived. this is so not funny.

Also 2 which was done a couple days ago shows ZERO SUBTITLES.

I have put in a Community post and a ticket. Twitter status does not show it yet by the way - I think they may not yet know.

I think it’s a bug.
I went on “Granting You A Dreamlike Life” to work on it.
But no video and when I click on the links I put on my google sheets to work on it with my team whereas it was working this morning, now it says “We are sorry, this video does not exist”

I think viki should post a message on all the pages of the dramas because people are in panic and keep writing comments on diskus…

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except it’s not ALL the dramas. I was curious - so I went by my drama UL. it’s there. Same with another one that’s completed airing and it’s all there, showing completion. All 87 eps of Ruyi are there too.

Hmm. On airs? oh well. :slight_smile:

And this is my birthday - got up looking forward to watching from the beginning Ever Night and Oriental Odyssey, my two favorite Chinese dramas. Only one episode showed up and my history is also gone. But the Korean dramas are all there. Bummed.

It seems to be fixed…

Not completely… There’s no subs…

Not only are there no subs, it says English subs: 0%. Sigh…

I am having trouble too. For episodes that were completely subbed in English, the English subs are gone. Instead of Eng subs being selected it says 0% China. I never changed my language sub selection and now I can’t change it even it I wanted to.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for writing in and bringing this to our attention. Our engineers are currently looking into it. Thanks for your patience as they work on resolving this!

Viki Community Team


Hi the same thing happen in Joanday (there i´snt segments or subs since episode 27) and in where stars land doesnt let me in to do edition in Spanish subs.

Hey Camille,

The videos and subtitles are back, but I can’t unlock previous episodes so the Subtitler Editor access is blocked but not the Segment Timer.

Thank you!

Never mind, could unlock the subtitles by entering the Segment Timer and unlock them from there :slight_smile: Thanks though :slight_smile:

At the moment I can’t load pages properly either time-out, or with 5-10th try.

“Mrs. Ma” and “Twelve Nights” are still inaccessible.

The new episodes 41- 43 of Joanday without segments or subtituling keep without let in.

Puedes entrar en el “Segmento” :scissors:
Y pulsa sobre "Màs"y “Desbloquear video”

we can´t sub on Room No. 9 on the older episodes. I can´t enter Episode 1 till 10. 11 and 12 are ok

Someone in the team, the CM or one of the moderators have to unlock the videos:
Enter the segment timer first, click on more then on unlock. It should work.

Thank you very much.