Table Manners, chewing etiquette



It’s a shame I let it go this far since I’m in my late 50’s. I ask them all the time if I die, what are you going to do… starve? That is why I put my foot down just recently (shame on me!) bc last year I was admitted in the Hospital, and I had to sign myself out bc they had not cooked or eat anything for 3 days! There was plenty of food in the fridge but they didn’t even made an effort. I think cooking so much during this lock down was too much for me and I finally exploded into rebellion lol


We cook from scratch. We have the store bought noodles but we make our own broth. We have this handy Instant Pot that we use to make rice, broth, sauces, oatmeal, applesauce, chili, cook beans… it is an awesome appliance. When I was a student I had my share of instant soup. That was ages ago.


Could it perhaps be that your family doesn’t want to eat ramen each and every day? :rofl:

Btw, to the Dutch it’s still a weird name for food:
raam = window
plural: ramen

Who wants to put windows on their plate? :thinking::laughing:


Korean, Chinese, Japanese people suggesting microwave food? Never in a million year lol
I don’t think we’ll see this kind of scene in a drama, no matter what country we are from bc food is an enslavement we are brought up to live with. I know I’ll go back to cooking once I’m rested enough.

PS Gorgeous pic that window. stole for my profile pic. Thanks.


That is really funny. I have an addiction to sugar and flour that makes ramen a sketchy thing for me to eat. My, “I’m full, I don’t need anymore.” is broken. If I stick with veggies, fruit, and protein, I do great, but when I venture into flour based noodles, and anything made with sweeteners, it gets ugly fast. Life calls. It is 9:46 AM here. Take good care of yourself.


Ashamed to say this was a production of our beloved BBC.


I believe that rice must be raw. 10 minutes is for instant white rice, and she had long grain rice that has to be steamed/cooked.


Raw? :open_mouth: Then how do you even chew it? :thinking::thinking::thinking::joy:


She only had it on the fire for 10 minutes and drained it (didn’t let the water get completely absorbed and cooked longer) It looks raw to me. When she added in the wok it won’t cook more bc is ‘‘frying’’ on high heat. I bet it was hard as peebles/rocks bc it was raw.


Yes, it’s her rice cooking that was causing a billion Chinese to yell “Ai Yaaaahh!” everything not how we were taught to cook rice in a sauce pan, if not by default in a rice cooker, but even so half the rules still apply.
Wash the rice first before cooking to remove the starch, not after when the grains absorbed the water and stuck together.
Pour out required amount of rice and I use pinkie finger as depth gauge to measure water ratio, but in general she is correct in 2:1 ratio water to rice.
Bring water to boil, turn down heat put lid on and continue to boil until water evaporated. Not tip it out half way into colander to drain the water then rinse the starch under the tap!
Listen for ‘popping/crackling’ sound in the rice, that’s when it’s done because the rice is starting to burn where it is dry against the saucepan.
Rice should be light and fluffy texture, use spoon to ‘hoe’ the rice apart to make even more fluffy and to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate for a drier rice.
If we make fried rice, we use the cooked rice, we don’t cook it from half way!


when the rice is in the uncooked raw state you can’t eat it then it’s as hard as plastic.


Lol, this reminds me of my mom. She was a great cook, but I was extremely picky with my food (turns out I avoided most of my allergies before I knew I had them :laughing:). If I didn’t want to eat something and I had already passed the “you have to try it five times” rule, my mom would look at me and say that she only cooked because the person who earned the money to buy the food deserves to eat (aka my dad).

So if we didn’t want her food and we were hungry, we were more than welcome to figure out something ourselves… And that’s when I learned cooking. Thanks mom :laughing:


Haha I saw that today, it popped up in my recommended and the comments were so funny :laughing:


Stick finger (pinkie or not) to bottom of saucepan, take reading of depth of rice. Raise finger to top of rice and measure double to top of water to get 2:1 ratio? Quick and dirty way than faffing with filling cups. Sometimes have to make minute adjustment depending on the crop it was harvested, but you get a feel if that crop needs a bit more or less water after the first boil from the bag if it burns quick or not evaporated enough.


Ah, gotcha. The water is brought to boil anyway and I think they say Mr Wuhan dies at 50-60 degrees Celsius? But then boiling water until evaporated I would have thought is practically Pasteurisation anyway, so kills most germs (even if there was any on the spoon) must be reassuring for your OCD no?

How does it stand? Do you mean a wooden spoon and it floats?


Exactly. And I thought @angelight313_168 was stating that rice should be eaten raw but I guess I misunderstood … :rofl::rofl::rofl:

About cooking rice or anything else I would argue that all roads lead to Rome. When I was living in Finland I saw people from various countries cooking the same kind of food in various manners … and it all worked. It’s also a matter of personal preference and whatever is more conveniently adjustable to your own circumstances and life style.

According to rinsing the rice after cooking … that’s to stop it from cooking, not to rinse starch or anything else off. Personally I refuse to do it, since I don’t want my rice to get cold, but those who do, do it for that reason, as far as I’ve been told. I don’t think Europeans are that worried about starch, hahaha. :laughing:


That was hilarious! The only thing we do wrong according to Uncle Roger’s rules is we don’t use MSG for anything ever. I was as shocked as he was about her idea of how to make rice. Not rinsing it before cooking but rinsing it after cooking?!!! Where did she learn that?


Ha Ha, it’s not like pasta, once the water is evaporated and the rice fluffy and dry, I’ve never heard of rinsing under cold water to cool down, that would leave you with soggy rice.
If you want the rice dry but cold, leave it for hours and faff around the house for ages after the wife has called dinner! Angry wife :rage:


My daughter has a lot of foods she avoids. I always felt that it might be allergy related so I’ve never forced things on her like my mom did to me.


Normally I’d agree with that “all roads lead to Rome” but with the caveat that for the first time, maybe first couple of times, you should try it the way the experts do it, then modify it to see if your results are equal or better. It is so simple now to search best way to prepare whatever. I now make boiled eggs differently than my mom taught me, I poach eggs better than I ever have, my quinoa turns out great every time…all from doing a search.