Table Manners, chewing etiquette


Ha Ha, so it wasn’t a total loss to include that one extra word in the sentence!


Hilarious! Carmen’s expression says it all, I can’t believe they would waste good rice to follow that guide but when you just gotta know I guess.


Let’s hope they made congee with it afterwards :laughing:


I made the best batch so far this morning and I only had enough broth for 1/4 of the liquid. Tomorrow it will be my first attempt with only broth as the liquid. I can’t wait. Congee has become my favorite breakfast. Last March it wasn’t even on my radar.


re: rice
I learned how to cook rice before the invention of automatic rice cookers but of course I use a rice cooker now. But I was aghast to learn that Asian friends who are slightly younger than me use microwaved rice daily now – even when I am invited to dinner, I get to choose brown or white microwaved rice. They said it is so convenient - but even cooking rice without a rice cooker, the prep time is about 2 minutes to rinse rice, measure with hand amount of water and put on the stove and then watch for it to boil, promptly turn down! Rice cooker takes about 20 minutes to cook. Here in US Microwave rice costs around $1 US per serving. Cooking old fashioned way probably costs a few cents. I think in Korea they traditionally eat rice with spoon but in Japan and In China with chopsticks.


Did you see the follow up video? :laughing:


No I hadn’t. Just as hilarious, I was cracking up at her trying to impress uncle Roger with her rice tossing skills. :rofl::rofl::rofl: but then again his attempt wasn’t any better! :rofl: