Team Member or Not?

Fellow Vikians,
I would like some insight as how the system works in regards volunteering. I have been on Viki for many years but took up serious volunteering in 2014.
Recently, I volunteered for transcribing English hard subs for a kmovie. A day ago, I wanted to continue with the part, I open the editor and see that I have no more access, later I read a notification that the movie has been released to other languages.

1. My questions is when CMs release a complete subbed work, do they remove the team members?

As I remember they are not removed, they still can go a read team discussions etc. I wrote almost 500 subs and I want to know what is going on. Here is the screenshot and the link explaining that you must join team in order to volunteer, if I cannot access the editor, to me that translates I was taken out from the Team. I would like to know why?

  • CM tells me I was not taken out from the Team upon asking, I explained what I see.

this explains that you must ask the CM to join the team:
"A “designated channel” is a channel whose volunteer tools are only accessible to channel team (volunteer team) members. All on-air shows are Designated Channels.

In order to access the Subtitle Editor or Segment Timer, you must be part of the channel team. Users can be added to a channel team by either a Channel Manager or Language Moderator. You can learn how to reach out to a show’s respective Channel Manager or Language Moderator here."

I would like to hear from others if this is something new or whether this confirms that I have been taken out from the team, any input is greatly appreciated.
I used IE11 and Opera browser with same results.

Hi! I hope you’re well.
Good … Your question is a little complicated. If you have not been excluded from the team and is logged with your account Viki, it may be that the page needs to be updated, if it is of course, a simple problem. I saw on the screenshoot that you use Opera as your browser, is it? Can even be the browser that you use or just a technical problem, restart the computer to work. I’ve had problems like this, and it wasn’t because I was taken from the team, because I was the moderator. But it worked when I update the page. I think you should try everything and if all else fails try to send a message to Viki Help Center. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback.
I mentioned in my post I tried this on IE11 (internet explorer) and Opera. I logged out of IE11 and logged in on Opera, it shows the same screenshot.
When I access 6Flying Dragons where I’m subber (finished project) the editor is normal. I will reboot the pc but I honestly doubt it could be that since other editors show normal and this one does not. Perhaps I should ask the CM showing me the screenshot with my ID on the rooster in Manage Team and if I am in I would contact Viki Help Center.

Vielleicht wurde der Status des Channel auch nachträglich geändert,

Die Teamübersicht würde zumindest klären, dass du auch theoretisch subben könntest.

Hast du schon mal die einfache Variante probiert? Log out und log in?

Ansonsten kann es auch immer wieder mal zu einem temporären “Bug” kommen …

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Hi there, you can see what channels you’re assigned a role on by going to your project contributions page and choosing channel role (instead of all) in the dropdown.


I searched for the movie that’s linked in your screenshot, but I don’t see it in your channel roles, which means you are not currently assigned any role on that channel.

I cannot speak to whether the channel manager or someone else removed you from the team, intentionally or otherwise, or whether you were removed from the team by some Viki bug, but I suggest you ask the manager to double check the team member page.

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You are right, Im sure few days ago I was an English Subtitler, looks I was taken out. I have never ever experienced such issue before. When opening the volunteer page Im clearly stated there almost 500 subs, I reached out again to CM to send me a screenshot of the Manage team member page with my viki id to show Im still there so I could contact Viki Help Center. Im still waiting for a reply.
Thank you for looking at this one more feature, I think it really weird since this has never happened to me before and I think if it’s really a bug Viki should know this!

Apparently I was removed, I wasn’t on the Team page anymore, the CM is this week out of town and has no time to check…
Someone else was able to confirm that, how I was removed is a mystery :scream:

This does not appear to be a bug since I’m backadded and it shows on my channel role as “English Subtitler”. But while investigating I hear from other vikians that apparently some CMs do remove contributors. I think this is a problem, I would like to hear input as where is the borderline when a CM removes a team member. (In my case it was within 24 hrs of my subbing)

If there is no issue with the team member why would the CM remove someone, I’m questioning the ethics here. I feel each contributor deserves the credit remaining in his profile page

As a CM, I have removed team members, only when they have not contributed at all to the project. If they have abandoned the project, there’s no point in them being part of the team, but when someone contributes, I don’t see why they would be removed.

It sounds really odd that you were able to sub and now you are not. Weird. :frowning:


Thank you Mirna for your feedback.

The English subs are complete, this was a movie.
Whether it’s a complete movie or a complete drama, I have never been removed before.
If you look at the overview, you can see your past contributed work and channel roles. That are my pride and fond memories; a part of my life. - Plus this was my first English Subtitler work and I want it in my overview, hard subs aren’t always easy to write since as you write it covers up the sentence, I think anyone is entitled to his credit.

I have devoted like others many hours of subbing, I introduced newcomers to subbing and moderating, etc. I would hate it if my credits/roles are removed, I think this is non-ethical and impolite. - Since I don’t know exactly how I was removed whether by accident or intentionally I rest my case, I’m just happy that I was back-added.

I do understand the removal of non contributing or abandoning members though.

As Mirna rightly said, we usually remove team members who have not contributed. But you have done more than 500 subtitles so it can’t be that.
There is one more case, although I’m reluctant to mention it here. There are some people who did subtitles so bad that they all had to be corrected/overwritten.

I don’t think it’s the case with you, because they would have told you much earlier, not letting you do half of the film. But I’m just adding it for the sake of completeness.


Thank you Irmar for your feedback, I looked up my subbed work after corrections, did not appear of much, sometimes the … were made into a period, or if hard subs were not correctly translated (I don’t understand Korean enough to do that) or there were no lyrics. That’s it.

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Wow, you are one of the very few to do this. I so wish my subtitlers took the trouble to do it!

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I do reread my own subs, I always write this in my google doc, and recommend it to subbers on my team. I honestly don’t like correcting other’s subs but typos or wrong translations happens. Some subbers are willing to correct their own work, others are perhaps already working on their next project. I can tell you that typos happen to me, even after editing, I go back to contributions and voila I see one more; this is rather an exception.

When I see typos in subs on screen it’s an annoying thing without blame, I occasionally notice mistakes in English subs and when I have time, I let them know :blush:
It’s something I don’t do purposely but it’s a way of helping team as we are all one family :clap:

I do the same. Always re-read the subs done. I do agree that when you have contributed, your work/credit should not be removed.

Irmar brought up the bad subs situation. I’ve seen that before and also subs done when the subbers is not an official subber (abuser), but otherwise, there is really no point in removing a team member.

I do hope that you get some clarity about this issue from the team. It would be best to know exactly what happened. :slight_smile: