Thanks to everyone who made me Featured QC

I woke up to a wonderful surprise today. I’ve been chosen, out of more than a hundred nominated people, as featured QC of the semester, together with three who are arguably THE most senior and respected veterans here. Just to be on the same page as @bjohnsonwong, @cgwm808, @amypun is overwhelming. Here is the Viki blog with a mini interview.

Heartfelt thanks to all of the unknown people who have nominated me. I love you!
:star_struck: :heart_eyes: :blush:


Congratulationss :cupid::tada::confetti_ball:

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Congratulations! You work hard and deserve it.

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I too want to thank everyone for the nominations I got and I’m honored to be with people I respect and work frequently with @viki.
And it was a pleasant surprise to see I got a badge for nominating people too!!
million de baisers :kiss::kiss::kiss:


Congratulation! You work hard here at Rakutenviki site and deserve more than that.

I nominated mirna0216 bc she helped me immensely in most of my projects, and also how to do segments, and I don’t know if she’s around but I’m glad we have a way to give recognition for those who work hard and help us along the way


Congratulationssss :partying_face:You really deserve it :hearts:


Everyone who was featured really deserved it! So congratulations too all! :tada: :cake:
It was also nice to read the little interviews because often times I was like yes same for me :grinning:

@cgwm808 That Ji Chang Wook pillow is awesome, lovely photo of you two :grin: