Thanks VIKI for the gifts! :)

The eagerly awaited my package waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday :slight_smile:

I was so happy for it!

To celebrate:

I not only got the CD, but also a couple of other things, like pens, pin, bag, sticker and keychain LED light. And a mask with cucumber. :slight_smile: On the latter, I surprised and laughed, VIKI staff cares about me! Maybe they were worried that I still be worn after the August’s Sub-a-thron. :laughing:

I’m very happy now!!!

Getting packages in the mail is the best ^-^

How can i win something like that? And congrats!

Congratz :smiley:

What’s on the pin? Only a logo?

it’s for sub-a-thron? how many sub you made?
Congrats!! anyway…^^


Thanks for congrats! :slight_smile:

This is simple.:slight_smile:

when they publish a sub-t-a-thron, every day you must fill out a form and send it. It takes a week, every day someone wins, and someone else will be a grand prize. In August, I was lucky :slight_smile: I can not tell you that they choose based on who gets the grand prize. Or for the whole week totals matter who it was, or who make the maximum number of subtitles in a day.

You can find it: Blog Headlines

You can find here a lot of things :slight_smile:

@Dudie Thanks for congrats, you too. :slight_smile: Is an anime girl on the pin :slight_smile:

@scircus Thanks! I agree with you! :laughing:


Thanks for congrats! :slight_smile:

It’s for August Sub-a-thron. :smile: I can’t remember my number of subtitles for a week, but I know, I was the winner three days and my strongest day was Friday, and this day I made about 3500.

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Thank you for informing me… As of now, I’m pretty busy because of my exam next week XD Thank you again and congrats!

that’s a wow^^
my record just about 1000 :blush:

Your record is really great!!!

My record is non-standard, because I have a skill to type blindly and I have a skill read so fast. When I read a book, and this about 800 page, I will read it in a single day. After I learned it, I can typing always so fast, I can type normal speaking rate now. I’m so lucky :smile:

Woot, you r soooooooooo lucky :wink:

Yeah, I know that :slight_smile:


Why it’s worth to be active members of the VIKI community???

Today, I received my second gift from VIKI!!!

There was a game:

Join the Kim Woo Bin ‘Friend 2’ DVD Giveaway!

So, I joined… :slight_smile: I couldn’t believe it when I received a PM form Brittany that I get the dvd !! :slight_smile: And it finally arrived today !! :slight_smile: I’m so lucky!!

Thank you very much VIKI again!