The bad guy/second lead gets the girl?

I watch a lot of dramas from all over the place but something that gets me everytime is that I somehow end up rooting for the second lead, especially when he starts out as almost evil in a way and especially if he maintains that sort of take-no-prisoners/show-no-mercy attitude when it comes to getting what he wants.

I’ve only ever really seen one drama(Taiwanese drama, Summer’s Desire) where that guy got the girl in the end. I’m wondering if there are any other dramas floating around that have that kind of thing happen. I love the historical stuff but that’s not really a requirement for me.

Anyone have any recs for this??


Queen of Reversals.

Everybody (well, the leads, at least) got their own reversal, including the Second Lead male. From just being a second lead, Park Shi Hoo managed to steal the show and got the first female lead character in the end!

Baker King Kim Tak Gu, the second lead ends up getting the girl :slight_smile:

nooooo I wish I hadn’t read that! I still haven’t finished watching that series. But I’m not quite sure which one is the first (aka the girl) and which on the second female lead anyway.

Answering the original question, it seems to me that the definition of first lead is that he or she ends up with the other first lead. So if the “second” lead gets the girl, he was in fact the first lead hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: