The best Christmas gift you can give to a volunteer on Viki

  1. For me, it would be tiiime (so I can volunteer at wish :wink:
    If there was a Santa Claus to make 1 wish come true: control time.

  2. More global but still something crazy: having all the dramas we want on Viki! Crossing fingers so we have the license for all fan channels.

  3. On my ongoing projects in particular: I hope The Four Scholars of Jiangnan segmentation can be finished next weekend. I hope we can finish the French translation of Fine swordsmanship next weekend too. I wish I could continue translating Pink lipstick and Epiphyllium dream without having to edit (it’s good to dream!)

  4. With my all-time teamates: I hope we can hang out someday, let’s eat together next year! Sushi, tteokbokki and chocolate.

What about you?


What are you doing here? Go to sleep! :joy:
This is not the list of Santa Claus here.
But… I dream of a mountain of sushis boats.


Haha, I had a nightmare about you and you woke me up at midnight :wink:

What bout u? Go take your nssa exam! And not drunk on the 25th. Wishing you good luck!

Lol let’s eat sushiboat!

Dreaming about me is a good thing. You must have been shocked by my beauty!
Imagine how fun it would be to pass the NSSA exam by drinking alcohol. Lol
I eat this sushiboat only if you pay. A double satisfaction is always better than one.


[PS: we’ll scare our friends from viki with this discussion! Piranna!]

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hey you two!! you didn’t scare me, you made me laugh. ok here goes; wishing you & yours a happy new year, being that christmas is past. oh and what is your wish list for the New Year? and thank you for the morning laugh!!


A “Smackwich Button” in the discussions and comment section, for when people complain about subtitles.

J.K. :stuck_out_tongue:


:heart::dizzy::confetti_ball:Thank you, Mary! Wishing all the best for your family and you for this new year! Full of love, health, friendship, fortune and dramas! :sparkler:

Haha, Anna is hella good to make people laugh.
If she could change her specialization, I told her she could be humourist.
We need a few laughs in our life :smile: Il faut rire un peu dans la vie!

Christmas, family gathering, seeing family after being apart for a long time, the moment of the year where you wish the best to everyone, it has always been the time of the year that makes me feel more than alive and joyful.

Viki has gifted me friends, so my New Year wish on Viki would be: keep laughing, having fun with friends, other volunteers, and viewers on Viki and in real life.

Surprisingly, I have relatives but I don’t have friends who watch dramas or know this world, we talked about it with my teammates on Viki and some of them are in the same case or they are infecting their friends right now.

When you enter this community, you expect to meet people who are interested in the same things as you, sharing the same passion, same hobby, having the same crush… You wish to share something with them and why not create links and relationships, friendships… I think I felt that I began to be part of a community (this belonging feeling) when I began to laugh and discuss with other volunteers. This happened for me on a googlesheet. You first talk on a chat and then you share phone numbers, and then you call each other and you even review some of their homework or reports.

I’m French, so I mostly frequent French volunteers and talk with a few of them.
I think I/some of us began to open myself/ourselves to other languages volunteers when:

  • I entered the nssa program because you can develop a deeper relationship than a student / sensei relationship during your training. I fell in love with one of my senseis. She could be my friend, my second mother or my confident. She doesn’t judge me and I don’t judge her. I think our relationship is based on mutual respect (taste, opinions, ideas) and letting others be free to do, think. Giving a hand when we’re free. I like that she’s letting me the opportunity to grow and discover by myself, to make my own idea, my own opinion. Nevermind if we are different.
    The nssa birthday is also a good way to gather and know about each other, thanks to this I could talk with people whom I never talked with, it was nice. It’s when you talk with people intimately who live 10,000 km away that you really understand that you have people from all over the world on Viki.
  • you become a segmenter: you can be part of the same team with many nationalities and other teams depend on you.
  • you become a channel manager or you’re in the English team because other languages communicate with you and depend on you.
  • you talk here or in comments :slight_smile:

The best gift, I already had it. To have met these people on Viki.
Anna is one of them :slight_smile: (maybe it seems we don’t like each other, but in fact, we like to tease each other to show our love. I know I can count on her and she knows she can count on me (sometimes when she’s not trying to trick me).

She’s the only one I know who after partying and drinking would go on Viki at 3 AM to go subtitle a historical drama. She needs her share XD (now the drinking part is more understandable). Not a few weeks ago, she burned her right hand (nothing severe afterwards) and my friend and I were like “Stop subtitling” and she was like, “Oh, it hurts!” but she kept subtitling… I think it was Princess Agents (the girl was crazy on this show, she could have killed).
She’s also the only one: the team was busy on the drama Swordsmanship (and she was like “Oh, let’s watch BTS Christmas stage vids” (I ended up watching with her on Youtube), “Oh, learn to play Belote (card game) so you can play with us”, my answer: “I’m learning to finish Swordsmanship” (meaning, learn with me too).

PS: Anna, I needed a break :stuck_out_tongue: and you’re busy editing Irmar’s drama. I’m going back on it after my fill of chocolate (we are 3 to have a chocolate box near us while contributing, no need to say that Anna’s box is halfway empty already).
New Year’s gift for Swordsmanship: thank you to French volunteers who helped in finishing it (13 ep in 4-5 days, this team rocks!) :stuck_out_tongue: :tada:

Songs discovered this week and made me think of my friends on Viki:



And what about you, what’s your New Year’s wish?


Ah, Piranna, you’re one of a kind!
I had to laugh at “irmar’s drama”. Yes, I’m so passionate about Drama Specials that I am on a crusade to make them more well-known. But I told Anna that there’s no big rush either.

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Piranna is the only person I know who translates faster than light. She is the only person who does not even give me time to think, that everything is already finished. She is willing to spend hours on something to finish at all costs, until she has only 6 hours of sleep before going to work. She sings like a saucepan and always complains about me. She loves to taunt me with food. Once she tried to make sushi, it ended in anarchic sushi! She is still posting tons of message in this community discussion. I think she is the queen of this place, let’s give her the management! She always writes endless monologues (in a perfect english). She is interested in everything, very curious and asks lots of questions. But when we answer, she falls asleep (snoring).

Well, I think I could write a monologue on her. I wish her this New Year: to buy plenty of good food for Anna, to continue to be her slave and to enjoy the chocolates with Anna eating them.

Piranna, you are one of a kind!

(ps : You should change the title of this post by: let’s unveil our friends!)


pushes a plate of cheesecake and cookies toward you with some eggnog and champagne…

Tell me more… :slight_smile:

JUST KIDDING and all in good fun. :slight_smile:

Never let it be forgotten that we are FANS who became VOLUNTEERS, united ever in the completion of work to make it available to the world, literally.

What we do for love is very different than what we do for money. :slight_smile:

(can hear the singing like a saucepan…) Well written, Anna. :slight_smile: and fun.

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut or…"Crunchy Dieter Donut " hehe


that looks like a beginning of a story!! a prompt if you will cheesecake, and me on a diet, the champange(fake apple cider maybe) the eggnog spiked(or spiced) but its the holidays, last day of 2017 coming up, why not I say!! splurge!!! worry about weight loss “next YEAR” now if we want a mystery could it be a bribe? awww sorry, spoiling your fun. I think I am going to change my name to frustrated writer… y’all did great.


Take your “Crunchy Dieter Donut”, Chessecake and Cookies, because if I had to talk about piranna, it would take me several hours and a whole novel. But we love her as she is, our little saucepan & monkey girl.

And you know what? You’re totally right. One day someone said to me, “Why do not you translate on a site that pays you?” From the moment we are paid for the translation, in my head, it means that it is a job, a burden. When I get home, after a long day of hard work, I come on Viki to translate and I feel a calm and peacefulness that invades me. It’s like a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

But all this would be impossible if I did not feel at home on Viki, as if I had my place in this community. Help each other, support each other, have fun, laugh, share! :slight_smile:

So, the best gift that viki can give to volunteers? It is to remain volunteers’ community.


Well, am I weird if I do both? Like having a husband and a lover.

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Irmar, your Drama Specials for New Year… It’s so sad!
With Anna, we’re only listening to sad songs right now and we were wondering why we were in the mood for sad songs… Just realized after 5 ep that it’s depressing XD

I just came back from one-man show “Desperate Housemen”, funny one.
Happy back home, I was like, why not relaxing while contributing: more I advance, more I’m like “Why is it becoming so sad at each story??”, rollercoaster emotions :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m enjoying it because it’s real life and made me think about life in general but it’s sad Surprise Drama, don’t tell me anything about future episodes, because I would be depressed, let me some hope that there’s some happy ending somewhere in these stories :slight_smile:

Here’s 1 sad song we’re listening in loop:

Sad lyrics:
I say hurtful words contrary to how I feel
I made things difficult for you but I was having a hard time too
I made promises to myself but nothing’s better
I always disappointed you and I’m regretting too

I don’t think I can forget it when the wind turns cold
Nights when we would touch the breath
We would cozily embrace each other with happy laughter
Nights when we dreamt of tomorrows that would shine like the stars

I`ll search the universe
Until I find you again
I won’t let go even the smallest memories
Our memories that are imprinted in the seasons
Will come back time and time again to call you

(My favorite verse)
Laughter and tears, scars and healing
Questions and answers are all within you
The small universe within me that has my world
When it ceases to exist, I would disappear too

I`ll search the universe
Until I find you again
I won’t let go even the smallest memories
Our memories that are imprinted in the seasons
Will come back time and time again to call you

Memories always bring tears
In the place where it’s all washed away Woo baby
I leave only you

In a single day, all at once
These feelings aren’t something that can be broken that quickly
I feel it painfully
Wherever it may be, I come to you

I`ll search the universe
Until I find you again
I won’t let go even the smallest memories
Our memories that are imprinted in the seasons
Will ultimately come back time and time again to call you
Because that’s love
Because it’s love


Ps: fyi, Anna believed they were advertising some coffee or cafe, after reading lyrics: they’re looking for coffee, where did their coffee disappear in the universe?

Only a few of them are sad and yes, you’ve been doing some of the saddest!

I mean, n.1 (Why I’m getting Married) was very nice and ended in the best possible way,
n.3 was a bit frustrating to watch but with a very happy ending, and
n.6, although it deals with prospective death, is not depressing at all.
7,8 have hopeful and cheerful endings.
9 (Stone Day) is a really wonderful one. Although the situation seems hopeless, there are lots of twists and the ending is good, stuff resolved etc. But we’re talking about powerful stuff. Since the time I first saw it, I cannot take it out of my mind.
And I think you will love the sweetness of n.10 (which also has a happy ending).
As for 11-14 they are a 4-part romantic comedy, k-drama style. Artistically poor but enjoyable to watch once. Easy to translate as well, especially if you know something about hair styling, and French should be full of such terms.
Nos 15 and 18 are among my favourites, so I reserved them for myself, he he… The good thing about having watched them beforehand.

BTW, I added two missing things in ep.6

Hey alll of you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!