The Enforcement of Restriction on Historical Chinese Dramas: Brace yourselves, historical C-drama lovers

How is La Reina del Sur? I’m thinking of watching a Spanish language drama to brush up on my Spanish skills before I take higher level Spanish courses in college. Is it on Netflix?

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Yes it’s on Netflix, and is really good. Mexican telenovelas are improving so much. I never watched them before. But now they have a lot of real looking scenes, before they were so low quality scenes it was impossible to watch.

You have to watch the one that KATE DEL CASTILLO is the main actress. I don’t recommend you watch the others with different actresses,they are really bad in my opinion. If you can find LA MUJER DE ACERO with KATE DEL CASTILLO that one is even better (they kidnap her little daughter).

In regards to learning Spanish with Mexican Telenovelas/dramas I DON’T recommend you do that. Although the language is Spanish, they use words that you won’t find in a dictionary. In my opinion is not worth it.I was the moderator in a mexican drama/novela/ and it was the most difficult thing I had to do.

Since I was translating Spanish to English most of the times I had to improvise to be able to replace a word I never heard before in my life and couldn’t find in the dictionary. It was a nightmare.

To learn Spanish see if you can find Pimsleur ( I found it in my library I live in US)

Does Pimsleur make you fluent?
Yes, you can learn a lot of Spanish in 30 days, but nobody would seriously say you speak Spanish at an intermediate level after 30 days of study with Pimsleur. … If you want to learn one of the languages listed below, click on it to try a free lesson. It’s quite a bit faster than Pimsleur.Feb 25, 2018

I recommend this bc I learned a hebrew prayer with them (what I wanted to learn). It’s easy, and I like it a lot and recommend it 100% although the review says is boring I never found it boring. Good luck!

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Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll check them out.
I already know Spanish, i just want to get my Minor in Spanish but I havent sat in a Spanish classroom in a year, so i need a refresher. My ears need to get used to the language again, since no one speaks it at home.

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Your welcome. Yes, if you don’t practice you will forget very fast. I’m glad you know Spanish once you take it in College it will come back to you. My kids refused to speak back to me in spanish, and soon forgot to communicate at all, But once in College they took it as an elective course and now they can speak spanish. It’s not perfect but they can translate for others if they have to, and that’s very important to me.

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3% on netflix is also good and FUGITIVA.


Why didn’t your kids cook at mother’s day?

Kill it has an interesting story, I should have just skipped episode 1+2. Besides it’s worth watching.

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I saw Fugitiva I really liked that one too… My kids cooking? They just know to microwave I spoiled them and shame on me for doing that. Their father is even worst.

Kill it has a good story plot and missing episode 1 and 2 will confuse you, as to what is really going on in there. This has to do with organ donor trafficking to cater the rich people and politician. Of course, the victims are the poor children in the orphanage. I’m not happy at all about the comments regarding the ending but can’t stop watching it bc I need to see if he kills every disgusting politician, rich person that sacrifice those poor children like that.

I saw an old Chinese drama similar to kill it about organ donor trafficking, and couldn’t stop crying so I had to stop watching. They use to give the street kids a lollipop that was already laced with drugs to sleep (they were so happy to have a lollipop just to die) I can’t find it now since most chinese dramas I like on Nflx want me to rent or buy them. That won’t be happening bc I pay enough already.

Another highly anticipated drama was affected. This time, it was literally rescheduled within half an hour of its 6.3 airtime on the various networks/platforms. No wonder there was barely any net chatter about the first few episodes.

Rumors about the new premiere date range from 6.11 to 2020 to indefinitely. Whenever it may be, if you are a fan of the drama/cast, and wants to watch it with English/OL subtitles, please send a request ( for it to be available on Viki. :slight_smile:


Is this drama somewhat related to Tribes and Empires? The name Novoland is super familiar, and honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching another drama set in that ‘world.’

It is, in that it is also set in the fictional universe, Novoland:

Besides this upcoming Novoland: Eagle Flag, there will be several other dramas/movies in the pipeline for our enjoyment, if filming goes well and they could clear the restriction bar.


Thank you!

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