The Explore Page

The Explore page has the shows arranged according to the most watched show… where?
This is really odd. I find the best shows waaaaay down. And some of the most famous and acknowledged dramas at almost the very bottom. Of course the ones on top are famous too but they almost never change. and then overnight a drama may drop like 30 places or so (yes, this has happened before) and another may jump to like 5th place overnight as well. This is acceptable and normal for an on-air title that has gained much attention, but it’s pretty strange to happen for a pretty old one to suddenly make its way to the top without me even recognizing it was on Viki.
And I found a very famous drama (I don’t know how many people are watching of course but it’s well-known and loved) ranked even behind some episode-less fan channels… How is that normal?

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There are now some old dramas that were returned to Viki after several years of absence.