The front page "suggestions for you"....!

Nice of you guys to add a “suggestions” area in the front cover page purportedly based on my preferences.

This morning I have a look at the page - before and after logging in.

Before I logged in - it’s all new K dramas. Wow. Like as a NEW viewer I might not care to watch J or S or C or ? dramas? Perhaps it would be a nice message there to include OTHER countries’ dramas…?

After I log in…wow. Ok. “suggestions” for me include…:slight_smile:

The first two dramas listed? I’m the Channel Manager. :slight_smile: I suppose it’s POSSIBLE I am interested in watching my dramas after they’re complete? :slight_smile: (laughing). that is, if while editing them and otherwise working on both I haven’t somehow SEEN THEM? :slight_smile:

the next one - well, it’s a C drama, refresh 24-7. not my style but hey. (shrug)

Ice Fantasy. viewed it already in its entirety. I was logged in when I watched it too.

Flower in Prison. watched it already in its entirety. Logged in when watching that one too.

Strange Hero Yz. :slight_smile: yup. watched that too, logged in too.

…NIRVANA IN FIRE. Ok at this point…yeah I’m spitting coffee at my SCREEN laughing. Because I am possibly the person who has seen NIF the most times COMPLETE on this site, having viewed it TEN FULL TIMES! So Viki suggests I “see it again”? :slight_smile: I can do that…(LAUGHING)

Moonlight drawn by clouds. Yeah. Watched, fully, logged in.

I think this feature could use some more work… They did notice I’m a Chinese Drama fan…and historical drama fan…but failed to even find some things I have bookmarked on favorites to watch later?

What’s more - I wonder how many other CM’s are getting their dramas as “things they might want to watch” this morning. :slight_smile:

With amusement - and possibly yes, I do need to go well, watch Nirvana In Fire for the 11th full time…:slight_smile: possibly when I’m not “watching” my projects? :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
Perhaps less focus on this front page and more on say, a PM box where I can actually file things in folders? as I help “watch” the dramas I CM?? :slight_smile:


Wow really? That was hilarious!
Amazon does a really nice job of picking things according to your previous history of pages looked at, things purchased etc. But I suppose they have a very sophisticated system…

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,and now they took OFF NIF…and refresh 24/7.

Added Queen Inhyon’s Man - I’ve only watched that FOUR times completely here, logged in…and Chinese Paladin 3. I’ve yes, watched THAT completely also logged in.

Leading the parade are still Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 and Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, both of which I am CM.

(grin) I think I’ll take their advice and go watch NIF for the 11th time. :slight_smile: Between editing Demigods and segmenting Condor… :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
There are more than 11 good reasons to watch the best drama in the world…
even if some mindless mechanical widget suggests it! :slight_smile:

And so it goes on. Every time before I log in, a parade of nothing but K dramas. All on air or things like Moonlight drawn by clouds. Like I said before - if someone is new here, are they only here for K drama? Sigh.

I couldn’t sleep - so here’s the latest:
One of the three C dramas I am CM is still 1st - Demi-Gods. But what happened to the other major one- Condor? who knows. Odd…then Hwarang - ok, they’re pushing that awfully hard. Queen Inhyon’s Man still…Moon Embracing the Sun…uh which I have seen possibly 7 times? I own the DVDs…Moonlight Drawn by Clouds again…An odd film - the Crying woman? and another one I’ve never heard of, "Secretly, Greatly.

SO of the 8 items they think I’m interested in - One I am CM at, a Chinese drama. 2 I own the DVD’s for, and have seen them here and logged in. Moonlight - I’ve seen. Hwarang - they think everyone has to watch. And two more Korean things I’ve never heard of and well, have no idea where they got them.

What’s interesting to note here is for some reason they take Condor off - and I"m CM at three Chinese dramas. I spend nearly ALL my time in historical of all types. And why take off Nirvana in Fire?

So their “suggestions” are I should watch 1 of my C dramas I CM at…and then exclusively K drama?

This gets odder and odder. I may watch some of Hwarang if it doesn’t take the utterly fluffy direction. It’s not likely to put Six Flying Dragons out of business. Wait, Historical drama fan and they didn’t recommend THAT one? (laughing).

And why all the K drama - when I CM three Chinese Dramas and have watched almost nothing but that here for a month? :slight_smile: Should I now stop watching Condor while I edit it? :slight_smile:

I will likely defy their recommendations and go watch Nirvana in Fire for the 11th time. :slight_smile:

I think their mighty widget has a definite tendency toward K Drama - even if you, the viewer, do not. :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
In my case, possibly giving me suggestions of what to avoid might be more helpful? :slight_smile:

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