The Green Door

this was an awesome drama! sure could nitpick and say what was wrong, but a lot of right too. we have discussed mental problems here, like Did, and phobias galore. who believes in ghosts? could you believe they are a figment of someone’s sub-conscience? this drama went so far as saying this, big twist there, the psychologist, needed help. this was so good, hope you get a chance to watch, oh and 6 episodes. Netflix


Yes, the green door is amazingly different and has a wonderful twist at the end. I loved it from beginning to end. The end was my favorite part after all, and I usually hate Asian dramas/movies endings but this one was in my opinion just perfect!

Are you watching CRASH Landing ON You? I making request for both green door and CLOY.

Link for request: THE GREEN DOOR is taiwanese and you already know crash landing on you is korean.


just requested both. and am just starting watching crash landed on you, oh my goodness first episode wow!

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