The Guardian

OK so I am a frustrated writer. I enjoy watching mysteries & scifi’s. The bride of the water God was awesome, I still think it needed a touch up here & there, the ending could have been better, foxes galore and spacy!
!even that Korean Odessey one was good, yes the ending could have been better, but it still was good.

now for The Guardian, aliens galore, this was a good drama, and yes there could have been some touches here and there. oh don’t know for sure if they were called gods. I enjoyed these dramas

the big question, how come they couldn’t have landed on Atlantis or one of those other so-called continents we don’t know about, Lemuria for one anyway. so let’s see what else is coming up
how about another vampire one, or aliens, aw why not another robot??

ok I mentioned robots, someone suggested a drama on Netflix called Anon, if that isn’t close to being a robot I sure don’t know what is. have to overlook the vulgar and naked scenes, but it was interesting and for a frustrated writer, some good ideas,

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