The never ending chain of ... (Game)

  1. Ruler of Your Own World
  2. D
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  1. Derailment Derailment | China Continental | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️
  2. T
  1. Triple :kr: (K-Drama)

  1. E
  1. Exploration Method of Love Exploration Method of Love | Festland China | Theater | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️

  2. E

🤣🤣 @bepina,

You’ve just given that answer, still in this current round, which started at 1. Per the creator of the thread:

You gave that answer for 271. and now 279. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

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  1. Eternal Love Rain
  2. N
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  1. No Good Either Way
  2. Y
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  1. Yong-Pal
  2. L
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  1. L’Escargot :hong_kong:
  2. T
  1. Three Mirrors: Trap
  2. P
  1. Peanut Butter Sandwich | Watch with English Subtitles & More | Viki

  2. W Oops! —> H :diya_lamp::candle::diya_lamp:

Ha! 🤣 No one saw this?! Wow!

I found you a replacement, since it was my error, sorry for misguiding you, you can edit it in, today is day 26 (2/29/2024), editing a post this old, expires soon. If you receive this tag after editing expires, or decide to leave as is, no worries. Here’s the info:

Title: Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law

Link: Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law - Wikipedia

Huan Xi Po po Qiao Xifu, also known by its literal English title Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law, is a Chinese television comedy-drama serial created by Yu Zheng. The drama is a produced by Yu Zheng Workshop and Zijun Brilliance, directed by Yeung Chi-kin and Zhou Jiawen, and features cast members from both Mainland China and Hong Kong.[1] The drama originally broadcast in 33 episodes (though 35 episodes were produced) on Shenzhen TV from October 10 to 20, 2010, airing three consecutive episodes a night. Taiwan’s China Television (CTV) aired the drama one episode per night, starting from December 8, 2010. Southern China’s Guangdong Television debuted the drama on January 26, 2011, airing in double episodes per night. Shanxi Television debuted the drama on January 29, 2011, and the drama began airing on Jiangsu Television (JSTV) starting February 3, 2011. Hong Kong’s i-Cable Entertainment Channel aired the Cantonese dubbed version starting January 31, 2011, renaming the title to 8 Stars (八星報喜賜良緣) due to its Lunar New Year time slot.


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  1. W :kr:
  2. W :sweat_smile:
  1. Weather Woman
  2. N
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  1. No Breathing
  2. G
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  1. Good Morning Call
  2. L…
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  1. Love So Divine :kr: (K-Movie)


  1. Ex-Boyfriend & Boss
  2. S
  1. Surprise Party :kr: (K-Movie)

  1. Y
  1. Young Blood Agency
  2. Y
  1. Yesterday Today Tomorrow
  2. W