The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


That’s it… I’m done… lol:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

Which makes me think that Korean Army would probably been the best in the world if instead of enlisting Korean sons, enlisted their moms! lol


Mmm, I have another one…

When a girl or a guy can’t get their crush/love to love them back, they go all out in pursuing them, yet when that same crush/love likes someone else, he/she is ‘obsessed’ with their own crush. Double standard? I think so…:upside_down_face:

Korean lovers must beware of not meeting the parents of the future spouse…the spouse just may be a sibling hidden from society’s knowledge.

Seems to me that Korean girls/women really like riding together with their guys on the same bicycle. Well, it certainly expands on the idea of ‘carpool.’


You forgot that Koreans can also slap other Koreans (usually women slapping each other). They never get arrested for assault.

You are right about the short skirts! OMG! they are almost bathing suits! Don’t forget that the girls in short skirts also wear very high heels no matter what type of terrain they are walking or running.


oh my god please make a chinese one! I would love to read it!

your post is actually pretty thought out and fun and sweet and personable and I’m a Zh-En subber so my world is all c-dramas… :slight_smile:


@linda_cameron Dramas reflect reality.
If you ever watch variety shows or even the viki shoutout on Flower Crew, you will often see the actresses putting a pillow, blanket, or jacket on their lap because the skirt is so short so we won’t have any over revealing shots.
And speaking of high heels, when I went to visit the Seokguram, which is a famous Buddhist shrine in a grotto on the side of a mountain (750 metres above sea level), I saw a woman, perhaps in her thirties who was climbing up rough stone stairs in four inch (10 cm) heels!!


honeybuns why not start it? c dramas and otjher ones??


hey everyone got another one! racing with car down the street, a lot of the dramas the streets aren’t full of traffic, and if it is they zoom in & out of traffic, hmm wonder if we did that, would we get caught?? the other one in a parking lot squeeling tires, now how did they do that?? oh another one, when they back end a car, no damage, the drama I just seen was like this. have fun!


oh gosh another one! their religions, now don’t get upset, cause I really don’t know much about any of their religions so this is me, ok?

Budda I understand was a great guy that did a lot of quotes, and today we all do use them at times, but to walk on your knees up to the temple on all those stairs ? and the buddas(??) beat on those gourds for what?

confusiusim I know ablsoutely nothing about this one,(heres something,

(Jesus meeting Buda??) I read that somewhere

I just seen this on Firey priest, a catholic priest a gangbuster? just wondering, would the pope agree with that?
what about lighting those lanterns, sending them up to heaven?lighting candles for the deceased, the mourinig (don’t know whats its called) the anniversary of the person being dead and they have a dinner in rememberance?
what about those chabuls where they put the ashes of the deceased? oh yeah lets not forget the ghosts etc, tokens?

again I want to apologize if I have offended anyone in their beliefs or religions, I did not do this to make fun of anyone.

I just seen an English based one,a priest,fighting crime,the other one Father Brown


KDramas make it look like people are giving piggyback rides to people allll the time!
Young super rich guy/gal living alone - acting bossy but soft inside
Main heroine dressing shabbily until someone finally helps her look nicer
Eat ramuyen at any chance they get
Villian is always smirking and no one catches it
U-turns! Atleast once in each drama. People always have to go back to wherever they want to go. No road goes straight!


Cherry blossoms will fall and create a beautiful scene for you as soon as the girl or the man propose.
It doesn’t matter how much time you were stabbed, you will still figth with spectacular moves and heal within two days. Or if your case is a little bit more realistic, you will fall into coma due to blood loss but wake up after 2-5 days with beautiful face, washed hair just as if you were Sleeping beauty and the feeling of realism is gone. However, if you are not the main character fallen into coma, but some supporting character then you are in coma at least for months or years and after you woke up, your muscles work perfectly even though you shouldn’t be able to stand properly but you will run immidiately and take your revenge, save your son or something special like that. But at least you could spend your screne time mostly in a comfortable hospital bed.
Fate is everything and it’s everywhere. It does not matter, how far you moved from your birth place where you played with your best friend (and future husband) as a little child, he/she will move next to you or to the house over the way, find you and get you. Or if your role follow the new trend, you are still this childhood friend but not the male lead so take your eyes off of the girl.


oh another one, they go to bed with their clothes on, and I have seen some with coats on! yes idiotpipolar, the jobs, they "accidentally meet
and sandeepsandhu, one was who are you, the korean version. 3 yearw I think, and she was good as anything. yeah there are others, but that one came to mind. oh yes the u turns along with speeding down the road, and if traffic zig,zags in the traffic. anyway just love it all!

a p/s on this about people in comas from a year to 6 years, they wake up and see things like ghosts, this also includes head traumas, and also sees things. or knows things before they happen.


This kind of reminds me of Día de los Muertos in the Mexican and Latino culture. A few days are set aside (around Halloween) to remember family members that passed on. Those who celebrate it set up ofrendas, kind of like altars, with pictures and food that the deceased family member or friend enjoyed. If they can, they will set up ofrendas right near the grave in the cemetary. It isn´t a sad celebration, but rather a celebration of the life of the person. I guess every culture has their own way of remembering people; that’s interesting that you pointed that out.


yes “in rememberence”, a memorial, the spanish do it festive, but the asians mourn like it happened just now. really interestin g of all these cultures.


Is this what was in the movie Coco? I think it was. The word “ofrenda” seems too familiar. :smiley:


Yes, the entire movie is about Día de los Muertos :slight_smile:



Dia de los muertos as far as I know, is a big celebration only in the Mexican culture. As a Latino woman of Puerto Rican descent when I was in my 20’s, I used to light up a 9 day candle of a recently departed family member only. So come November 2, if a family member died within one year from that date, then I would say a prayer and offer the candle in that person’s name.

It’s more to give the deceased person ‘‘light to guide them through the darkness’’ if they still in ‘‘purgatory’’ for their sins. But when my very psychic/gifted grandmother (RIP),told me that if you get the dead person used to turning on a 9 day candle for them, they will get used to you turning on that light, and will torment (scare) you at night, if you don’t light the candle more often for them, it was then that I decided that ‘‘custom’’ was [dead] for me, too.

I think we have to rethink all these old time customs bc where my son is buried and were my own grave (when I die) is at, many Asian people burn a lot of stuff in their family’s grave, and they almost burned half of that section of the cemetery! They had to remove every garbage can from the cemetery to stop them from destroying the cemetery bc we had so many fires going on.


angel light, the upcoming Christmas tradition; lights in the window, not about death though, but: a soldiers return sees a light in the window, “I’ll leave a light on for you”

The other city has very few streets too, but its train is infected with zombies so those who are not fans of the genre don’t use it that often. So the trains towards the only other Korean city, come and go empty in order to provide the appropriate workout for Seoul citizens.,
I saw the movie, I did laugh on this person’s response
also another thing, Prosecutors, lawyers, judges, have to be careful of who you choose to defend you, corrupt guys… as for the hair, why do they want to have the hair in their eyes?? watch out for that vampire prosecutor especially I have always wondered about those/that street. oh and the Han river bridge, that’s where a lot of people jump off…
Papa Johns and Subway are the two places I have seen where they gather and all. and those short skirts or those tight pants, drinking parties! oh my goodness, how do they function, of course the one person carrying another person on their back cause that person is drunk then throws up on them,
the tall skyscrapers? don’t think I will visit one anytime soon.

I think that will be al today. y’all have a great day!!


I also learned that clothes must be extremly cheap in Korea, because even the poorest girl can affort to wear a new coat matching the rest of the incredibly stylish outfit every day.


While in Seoul when crossing smaller streets without traffic light, I always watched out for the white truck of doom :joy: I’m traumatised by dramas



I’m really not joking but when I’m in a car in a highway, and I see a white truck I tell the driver be careful with those d**n white trucks they’re dangerous! I subconsciously associate them with danger and actually do get very nervous.