The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


@peggyrosyster_409 Due to the millenia of interaction with the Chinese, It is safe to say that although there was no distinctive way to write Korean until the 15th’ century when Hangul was invented by King Sejong himself, ancient Koreans wrote in Chinese. The earliest existing texts stem from the Three Kingdoms period which began in 57 BC. Of course, there may have been writing before then but no concrete texts are still in existence. The Joseon Dynasty began in 1392 but Koreans were writing at least 1300 years before that. So there is a long written history of Korea.
Now on to the main topic: Things I have learned from K Drama.

  1. Koreans faint easily due to psychological stress.
  2. If the person doesn’t have a life-threatening condition, one bag of IV solution usually cures loss of consciousness as soon as the bag is used up. IV solution is great for loss of consciousness, the flu, dehydration, mental or physical exhaustion, or just about any affliction.
  3. God punishes wrong-doers by afflicting them with a terminal illness or severe dementia which has an immediate onset.
  4. It is not unusual for people to recover completely intact physically and mentally from years in a comatose state.
  5. The police department or the NIS can track down anyone in Korea through a cellphone signal instantly.
  6. The US and China have no restriction on entry of Koreans fleeing because of criminal activity and then staying in the host country for years.
  7. Have you seen security guards blocking pictures of VIP’s in dramas? They also block pictures of the department store staff who are ready to greet the first customer of the day. Taken at the Lotte Department store in Myeongdong, Seoul.
    (PS I was the first customer of the day because I wanted to go to the Food Court to buy some fresh baked bread for breakfast)


Hmm, I never thought of that one :thinking: good observation! :smile:

Ah, I’ve noticed the synthetic fabrics! The hanboks are so colorful and perfect sometimes–too perfect, especially in terms of the color. I end up thinking about what kind of dyes they would have used to make such bright colors that almost border on neon. And why the colors aren’t fading away…


What she said and what she meant to say, was not clear. ( Not a mind reader here ) if so then say a Chinese thread is next. But thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:


I am aware of the Korean history but it do not change the fact that the Chinese have the oldest written history and culture. The Koreans and Japanese in some point in history both use the Chinese Characters and words spoken, within their language. Korean and Japanese words are closely related more so than Chinese words. But still about 60% percent of Chinese words make up Koreans vocabulary. :slight_smile:


ok what I learned, smacking the lips while eating,stuffing the mouth while talking, burping, oh lets not forget passing gas, conspiracies galore, murder and mayhem ( signal,Gapdong) course theres more
but these came to mind. like someone said, ghosts, goblins, vampires, curses,blessings, no sex(?)
oh the guys with no socks, the guys with hair covering the forehead, the girls with loooo ng hair, oh yeah the problem with their mind, DID, for one, that one someone mentioned,prosopagnosia, forgetfulness(form of amnesia)OCD, witch, vampire (prosecuter, detective) ghost, time travel, and much more.
have a great day!


:rofl::rofl: yup, I’ve noticed that too

In the kdrama When the Camellia Blooms, the main female lead says that her ideal guy is Gong Yoo–cold, aloof, tall, etc. and after the main lead hears this, he hangs his head and says that he cannot compete with a Goblin :joy:


Doctors in historical dramas immediately know what is wrong with the person after touching their pulse for 3 seconds, no matter how complicated the illness is.


Actually acupuncturists and other traditional East Asian doctors can tell by the meridians and energy points. That’s how they do diagnosis.


This doesn’t apply any more.

According to the last K-Drama I watched Koreans have managed to make succesful organ transplants without the need of using immunosuppressants drugs after the surgery.
They just take a heart for instance, any heart, they trasnplant it to the body of any patient, it doesn’t have to be compatible with the donor, and that’s it! They are done! The patient can leave the hospital in a matter of days and continue his life like nothing happened without bothering with trivila things like taking drugs, or having any post surgery implications, checkups etc… ! Nothing at all…
If this doesn’t worth a NOBEL prize in medicine, then I don’t know something else that might worth it!


one more!! tight pants, like they were melted in them!!


I don’t doubt that, but it’s the speed with which they do it.
Always seems to be an instantaneous diagnoses, no matter how complicated the illness :smile:


oh another one@ while driving turn head to passenger and talk from a minute to 5 minutes without getting into an accident.


When in hospital with an IV in their arms, they tear it away instantly without even looking at what they’re doing, while getting up to run away, with no pain, no blood, no problems at all. In reality it’s something you have to do very carefully.


Things i learned from Kdrama…

Rich Korean girls or Mothers like to slap the poor girl the Rich Guy has fallen for. And the poor girl Never Ever beats the crap out of anyone hitting her.

The Korean Cops are always the stupidest people in all of Korea. Bad or Good guys will always escape custody. Cops will hold guns but never shoot a guy without a gun attacking them. Will leave the hired guy alone in the room so he can commit suicide. Will walk away when a witness says they will not testify. They don’t know anything about subpeona.

Even though Koreans have fought a lot of wars and every male has to go to mandatory Arms service, all the Korean men are cowards, will not talk back to their Mom, are afraid to confess to the girl, and will get incredibly jealous if the girl talks with another male, and act like a child with Jealous rage instead of confessing real feelings.


That’s it… I’m done… lol:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

Which makes me think that Korean Army would probably been the best in the world if instead of enlisting Korean sons, enlisted their moms! lol


Mmm, I have another one…

When a girl or a guy can’t get their crush/love to love them back, they go all out in pursuing them, yet when that same crush/love likes someone else, he/she is ‘obsessed’ with their own crush. Double standard? I think so…:upside_down_face:

Korean lovers must beware of not meeting the parents of the future spouse…the spouse just may be a sibling hidden from society’s knowledge.

Seems to me that Korean girls/women really like riding together with their guys on the same bicycle. Well, it certainly expands on the idea of ‘carpool.’


You forgot that Koreans can also slap other Koreans (usually women slapping each other). They never get arrested for assault.

You are right about the short skirts! OMG! they are almost bathing suits! Don’t forget that the girls in short skirts also wear very high heels no matter what type of terrain they are walking or running.


oh my god please make a chinese one! I would love to read it!

your post is actually pretty thought out and fun and sweet and personable and I’m a Zh-En subber so my world is all c-dramas… :slight_smile:


@linda_cameron Dramas reflect reality.
If you ever watch variety shows or even the viki shoutout on Flower Crew, you will often see the actresses putting a pillow, blanket, or jacket on their lap because the skirt is so short so we won’t have any over revealing shots.
And speaking of high heels, when I went to visit the Seokguram, which is a famous Buddhist shrine in a grotto on the side of a mountain (750 metres above sea level), I saw a woman, perhaps in her thirties who was climbing up rough stone stairs in four inch (10 cm) heels!!


honeybuns why not start it? c dramas and otjher ones??