The people behind the scenes

the subbers we mention, they are doing a great job, yeah some are missing, thats just a part,

the writers, how awesome these folks write a drama and the ending (at least in some) are fantastic! I sure am not able to sit down and write a drama like that.
costumes, there was a lot of research going on to find the right clothes in that time era! and I do like research,

the make up asrtists!! oh my goodness, if we didn’t have them the stories wouldn’t come out like they have dome.
I will choose a couple
Heal me Kill me is the tops, the artist that did that change on the guy was awesome, from Perry Park to (forgot the name( the girl! to the sucidal guy and the violernt dude! unbelieveablE theh we have the guy Kim won hae; what a character, form a detective in Black, the weird guy in Strong woman, the prisoner in Violent Persecutor, the ghost detective and many more. I have seen his real mug shot, wow what a difference make up make.
so all of you in the background I just wanted to say thanks for a job well done, all of you THANKS! and if I missed anyone, still a big thanks to you!!