The release date of the new K-movie "Twenty"?

Did anyone knows what is the exact release date of the new K-movie “Twenty” which is filmed by Kim Woo-Bin? I know that it’s coming soon but some websites said the release date is April 17th, but I check the theater , it said it will release on October 16!!! So anyone know what is the exact date? Plz… can anyone tell me?

Btw, I am in LA right now :relaxed:

as far as I know and based on AsianWiki, it’s been released already

Who knows. AMC lists April on one page and then October on another.
Call up the theater and ask?

That’s what I notice too! So I was like what the heck? Which is real and which one is not?

Seriously right? I would guess April though, since I don’t think they’d put it up on their site if it was that far in the future. And I think CJ Ent’s site also says April, so…

I wonder how long it will run for though. I want to watch it, but I won’t be in the right area for another few weeks :c

I may just go to the theater someday and ask :pensive: