The Viki Advertisements

A place to vent your anger at the noisy advertisements. Whyyyy must they come on so often? They take away from our precious emotional feelings for the dramas!


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EVERY 5 minutes! It am pulling my hair out trying to watch one episode O_O"


i hate bazar .com it really makes me watch the ep in anther website because it is too freaking long and cant get ride of it and appear every 5 min or so really hate it
God it isn’t even a global product just air it in India it is not in my country why should i watch something no use of it to me , beside there is no translation so i dont even understand their conversation ,

wow that make me feel better thanks for this topic it is really good

Get Adblock and you won’t have to watch a single ad.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve watched an ad on viki, i use adblock plus ! way better than getting interruptedon the best moment of a drama by a stupid ad. =)

I am with you all. I quit watching regular TV because I hated all the intrusive ads. I don’t mind banners or even pop ups that you can x out of, as I know sites have to be funded…but I hate the total interruption of my show. It makes me feel like I am wasting time. As a volunteer I would feel especially ticked off. Put in all that work and can’t enjoy other folks products because of all the interruptions.

If there have to be ads, put them all at the first or all in the middle, not every 5 mins or less. geez!

I think the only problem I have with them is when they come on.

I don’t mind commercials, when a show is built to have them. Like on TV, there are specific times the show is supposed to cut to a commercial - it can help build tension and suspense. Or leave you with something to contemplate. (Sometimes.)

The thing with some streaming sites is that commercials come on in timed intervals (e.g. every 10 minutes), and the scenes aren’t built like that. So yeah, it interrupts the flow. Sucks, but it’s a trade-off for being able to watch shows I can’t watch on TV. (Obviously, there are ways around seeing all the ads, blah blah.)

That said. Are you guys actually getting commercials that often? I just checked out a video and the commercial breaks were split every 9 minutes or so.

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I Totally Agree with you !! Ads dont mind me after all but its really annoying thats on Viki the Ads interrupt the Videos! I am a Volunteer just since a few days, and i really Love to subbing and help to translate into German! I think so too that for the hart work, we dont have to see Ads!

After some investigation I installed Adblockplus as recommended by other’s on this blog. It is deemed a safe site by Norton so I gave it a try and “low and behold” it really works. You can pick it up from CNET but I’ve noticed if you get it there that you have to be careful and uncheck some boxes not to get more add ons that you actually want. So, best if you just get from Adblockplus site. They ask for donations and for you to share on facebook etc., but none of that is required.

i think we must give viki some excuses adv is a very important tool to make the site go on that is my opinion

I agree that there may be some ads on this site, but it hurts to have to every 10 minutes and 5 advertisements every time there is a break. I think this should be moderate.I hope this complaint is actually seen and resolved.

The stand up comedy add make me want to hit my head against a wall!! It soooo loud and the guy is not even funny! I’m like do you kiss your mother with that mouth?? Seriously dude…

When viki started to show viki plus or whatever it was i knew that advertisement were going to start being a issue even with adblock. I understand that viki needs to make money and also in order to stay up they need advertisements but how the advertisements run on here are really annoying and agitating and at times I just stop watching my show because of it. Every time I fast forward in my show trying to find where i left off it shows a 5 minute ad that are usually like the worst and annoying ads i have ever seen in my life. Like they keep showing the same ad with the same freakin old lady lifting her walker up in the air and sounding like a broken scratched up record over and over again! Also the ads are annoying to have to skip through some, timed through others or not timed at all. The ads are random and there are way too many and really agitating. Well it probably just me but I am really getting tired of this mess of ads and all. Can someone plz do something I need to watch my kdramas please!

There are 2 options for you to watch ad free dramas:

  1. Pay that vikipass
  2. Become a volunteer and obtain QC status.

I’m working really hard to get my QC status, We have vikipass in the house, but I decided to take on the responsibility to get QC so We can get it free. Also Im not just wandering doing whatever. I read through all topics to see how I can become a QC. I have adblocker but its not stopping me from anything, I still want to be a QC its my goal. for reaching where im at for 2 weeks im proud of myself! and i really have been in viki since 2008, but never helped out till now.

I’m a QC already…I was before the ads came…
and I must say, it’s quite comfortable x) as long as you continue to contribute of course!
I can understand that you’re troubled by them, I hate ads, too!!
And I hate that there’s stuff at viki you have to pay for! QCs don’t have to pay, that’s the only good news I think…

However I think you’re right about viki having to get some money, and the vikipass + ads might motivate more people to contribute…
I hope Viki will find a nicer way to do this though, and I’m sure they are still working on this…
Making the experience for non QCs without vikipass unbearable through ads seems not to be the right way, I think.

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I don’t mind that Viki has ads. I do mind that the ads are done in a very obnoxious way. They’re longer and require you to click through them. They come at arbitrary intervals and interrupt dramatic scenes. In comparison to Hulu, Dramafever etc, where ads appear at appropriate times and for appropriate duration, this is just a painful experience and doesn’t make me want to use Viki at all.


An ad every 5 minutes in a 45 minute drama totally takes away from the show itself. Even broadcast TV doesn’t have as many ads. When I started watching on Viki, the ads were in the beginning and I actually watched them and some were actually things I was interested in. Now, I ignore it and come back to re-enable Chromecast, search for where I left off and continue. I did that for 1 episode, and stopped using Viki altogether after that. That 45 minute show took me over an hour to watch because of all the seeking. None of the shows are in HD and asking me to pay $4 every month just to get rid of ads is never going to happen. There’s gotta be more value for the money other than just getting rid of ads.


I rarely use Viki anymore. I will look everywhere else for a drama first. Since they added the pay service, the adds have increased more. I would pay for Viki except for one major problem. The site doesn’t work right for me now. Why would I pay money to a site that has yet to prove to me they can operate proficiently? More often then not, I’m thrown off-site at the end of the line of commercials at the first break. If I try to go back I have to go through the line of commercials again and am usually thrown out again. I’ve contacted Viki twice and their responses took several weeks and then only asked if I was still experiencing the problem. Viki needs to work on the quality of their web site before I’ll pay for anything.