The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

I could see how the Kami might play a role in this. I recently watched a drama where the ML and FL had moved in together - just as roommates at the time - and started learning about each other’s living habits. Simple, everyday things that most of us take for granted, like how one liked the toilet paper to roll from the top and one wanted it from the bottom. And the way the ML squeezed the toothpaste drove the FL nuts. These specific examples probably don’t lend themselves to being blamed on a Kami, but I think there are plenty of those everyday kind of things that could be, and it could be fun for the viewer but not for the couple, just as it played out in the drama I watched.

A specific scenario came to mind, but I don’t exactly know much about Kami and what they are capable of or what things they are able to manipulate or influence in our world. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good source of this kind of information?


the Wikipedia article will give you a basic grasp of what a Kami is

I obviously did not pray hard enough to the kami of the TP as the roll now goes over and hangs down where it once fed from the bottom.


Thanks for that. School just restarted for my son, so I guess it’s only fair that I have some homework of my own to do.

I lost out on this one myself. :roll_of_toilet_paper:


Yes it’s correct :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I really liked it thanks a lot for this @misswillowinlove

Actually my full name is padmalaya which means a goddess (goddess Lakshmi Devi- goddess for wealth)) who resides in the lotus flower


I strongly believe and trust in K-drama Writer Mercy so I’ll be following the Golden Rule here and giving them the best, most satisfying ending ever.

Also, everybody: What are the characters/personalities of the ML and FL?


Ooh, then everybody needs to mind their manners. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know that Nepali Hindus think of Laxmi (how I learned to transliterate the name) and Durga are . . . sort of two faces of the same elemental power . . . and honey, don’t mess with Mother Durga!

The story of Durga defeating the water buffalo demon is my idea of “girls rule, boys drool.”

So would Lo Lo agassi like a cup of tea and a plate of shortbread cookies? Should Badger Productions move OSPD-nim’s desk into the back parking lot and stage an office coup after all? We need an impressive list of names on our office letterhead, and I don’t think Onion-Sama-PD-nim is going to cut it.


So, the BP adventure (Badger Productions) adventure has been going on so long that I completely forgot about Ha-Neul and Haruto and Super-Wipe until this week.

Maknae Vivi asks about their personalities.

They are young, obvs. Highly educated, ditto. That’s part of the power-couple trope. (Am I making these names up? Probably.) How much do their circumstances affect how they display their personalities?

A friend pointed out recently that people can be extroverts but not be rowdy, and they can be introverts but not be loners. It is usually the case that, in any close relationship, one person is more . . . yin, I guess I’d say, and one is more yang. But who is which?

And what things does each person do that are symbolic of their personality?

What things are most endearing about their personalities, and what things are most annoying? And are these things unusual or ordinary?

And which “Viki personalities” catch your eye as models for Han-Neul and Haruto?

One strict rule: Lee Min Ho MAY NOT play both roles, not even with prosthetics.


Why are you teasing poor PD-nim over a name you gave him? :joy::joy: I still think “ninjas with onions” is the coolest username I’ve ever encountered Viki Discussions.

:joy::joy: I agree.

Let’s leave this to @kdrama2020ali… she’s the Supreme Chancellor and Keeper of the Hottie Posse AND the Cutie Posse University!

Since we haven’t established their characters, I can’t assign an actor to either of the characters yet.

I’ve been keeping track of the entire story by copy-pasting the adventure parts while leaving out all the pictures and digressions… it has a date index and the writer of that part in bold so it’s easy to navigate.
Click on the Badgers’ Production link… anyone can access it now.


And the crowd went wild!!!


Somebody has been drinking awesome sauce every day!

My baby sister uses Google docs for a lot of things. I use Google photos. Different gifts, different interests, and we both want LOTS of useful information at hand 24/7.

Miss Willow does, of course assume that all Google Docs information related to her role in Badger Productions will be heavily edited and redacted as necessary to produce the most flattering representation of her many and varied contributions . . .



If anyone wants to take a sweet and gentle break from general craziness, this is shaping up to be a lovely dorama. And in terms of appearance at least, I give a nod to the character of Amamiya as a model for Haruto.


I think we should hold off naming the staff at Badger Production for now, mainly to keep it simple and we are then able to reference each other by our user names (MissWillow, Miss Willow, Maknae Vivi, Onion-sama etc) be able to use @ tagging now and then without having the extra layer of remembering their assigned name.
It will also leave the door open for anyone else to wonder into Badger Production and join the madness should they feel like it and not having a name might make them feel excluded/ too late to the party.

Of course it’s not to say that we can’t name the characters, but maybe bury it in @leerla73 wiki but not use them in posts. (is PD-nim = Mr Byun? I haven’t seen that drama yet :rofl:)


Miss Willow rose in leisurely fashion from her desk, nibbling as she stood on a rosewater and ashwaganda macaron. It was one of several that she had surreptitiously removed from Maknae Vivi’s desk to ascertain whether or not it was, in fact, a kami, an aboriginal spirit being, or some sort of Mexican, Central American, or South American shape-shifting creature.

She had just finished reading the latest edition of Tlālōcān Weekly, noting with interest that the Aztec Rain God’s fan magazine had started a recipe page. She was considering sending in her recipe for Vegan Carrot Bacon since so many of his fans were, ironically, non-meat eaters. She was also considering sending in a note for the “Letters to the Editor” section.

To Whom Or (More Precisely) To What It May Concern:

I was told recently that the Azores island chain has been moved from lying off the coast of Brazil to lying off the coast of Portugal. I believe someone on your staff needs to upgrade the free map of the world that comes with magazine subscriptions.

I am of, of course, referring to the lovely example of cartography displaying the hand-lettered caption covering the Antipodes that says, “Here be dragons.”

I assume someone on your staff has been the tiniest bit remiss in failing to update said map which I placed on display in the lobby of my workplace only last week.

I remain ever a fan of birds with brains.

Yours sincerely,

Etc., etc.

“I think,” she said, “that Fate has intervened yet again in the fortunes of our tiny but winsome enterprise. You can thank me with the appropriate emoluments later, but my latest text from my good friend Yoon Shi Yoon–”

“YOU WISH!” chorused several indignant voices.

“See for yourselves,” said Miss Willow, holding out her smart phone. “My good and DEAR friend–I call him Yoonie–has reminded me of his love of comedy and of one K-drama in which his character goes to Japan to participate in a world-wide culinary competition. He might successfully play Haruto.”

One of the shrimp kami sailing by on a paper airplane said in its bell-like voice. “No, that was China his character visited.” Miss Willow bowed her head slightly. “Arigato.” She peered at her smartphone. “Obiously Yoonie was in a hurry with his text. Being the head Dimple Instuctor at the University of Hotness must be a terrible burden for him at times.”


(Koala’s Playground)



“Ooh, that could work,” chorused several Hottie-besotted voices.

“And would anyone object if I mentioned that another good friend of mine, Hani, has texted that she would be available, if the scheduling works out, to fill the role of Ha-Neul?”

“That could work,” crackled OSPD-im’s voice over the office intercom. “Can I come inside yet?”

The hapless head of Badger Productions had been teleported into the back parking lot when Niles the koala lost a round of Go-stop with the shrimp kami (who were now folding the cards into sturdy little airplanes and flying themselves all over the office). Niles had insufficiently failed to control his annoyance, and OSPD-nim had ended up in his own parking space.


“You can come back inside once our office luncheon has arrived and been paid for.”

“Fine, whatever. It’s starting to rain. My bespoke track suit is getting wet!”

“Very well,” said Miss Willow. “Niles, can you un-tele–”

“No, I cannot,” came the tearful reply. “I’m having a bad day. I can’t concentrate. I need more eucalyptus pesto! Why me?”

“I know,” whispered Miss Willow, walking over to Niles who was slumped dejectedly in OSPD-nim’s chair. She patted him gently on one ear. “That’s how OSPD-nim makes us all feel, but we get over it.”


Is this his newest drama? I kinda want to watch it because I LOVE YSY, but from the synopsis I think I’m going to have to endure a hell lot of embarrassment. So I’m giving it a pass. YSY is an adorable character to have as Haruto… and I don’t think I’ve ever watched Hani in a drama :confused:

Does anyone else have recommendations?


Yeppers! My team is winning right there! :rofl: No under for me, it drives me nuts! :rofl:


Hahahahaaa! Everytime these ideas sprouts, they’re from the secretary misswillowinlove who probably wants the life style of her PD-nim, who is always off somewhere like jeju island etc., taking in the scenes, all in the name of scouting for a production location! :joy::rofl:


Supreme Chancellor and Hottie Posse OVERLORD - I’m here standing ready with all my wallet photos spilling out of my cast of HOTTIEs who are not busy at the moment ready to jump into a VIKI original but were we not using Japanese Actors??? DO my assistant would be glad to continue to find head shots ready to place on @misswillowinlove for PD-nim to check so we know what actors Agencies/schedules to start sending scripts to.


Start rolling the DICE baby - cuz a lot of the HOTTIES :fire: are taken!


Really? Not even 100 Days My Prince?
My favorite amnesia dramas are old:


That one was good but I think Shopaholic Louis was better. I liked 100DMP but I wouldn’t rewatch it. I’ll check out the dramas you mentioned^^


Whoa, I missed a lot of goings-on at Badger Productions this morning.

@vivi_1485 , I’m impressed that you’ve been keeping an actual log of all the ‘drama’.

@misswillowinlove , how lucky you are to be on a first-name basis with Yoonie. I recently saw a preview for his new comedy, and it even had my husband saying, “You HAVE to watch that!” I’m not even kidding. Who was that person and what did he do with my husband? It may have had to do with his utter appreciation of the innuendo involved in the title of the drama and the condition for which Yoonie’s character goes to see the FL’s doctor practice in the preview clip. Was that on purpose or a completely perfect accident? I couldn’t stop laughing and kept my poor hubby awake.

I did some homework on the Kami, and I have one question/area of concern: It seems to me, based on what I read, that Kami sort of have fairly specific ‘assignments’, meaning there is a Kami of wind, and one of contagious disease, etc., so will our Kami have a specific identity like that too, or are we taking creative license to let it have influence on more than one area of nature/things?