The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet



Here is your OST! bahahahahaha!
(the most annoying song on the Planet)


It will go viral faster than Gangnam Style, dontcha think?



This is my Gangnam Style…Lee Suk is much more FUN!
Makes me smile!


Me thinks we don’t want kdrama2020ali writing a “Viki Original” I’d have all the HOT-TIES - BUSY on one drama!


I can totally see Lee Jong Suk in green fleece footie pajamas.

(Google screen cap)

“But what about me?”

The hotties keep sneaking into threads where they don’t belong when they should be minding their own business!

What’s that? Oh, sorry. Yes, they ARE minding their own business. Cause they are entertainers.

But there are the hotties, and then there are the cuties. All hotties are cuties, but all cuties are not necessarily hotties . . . because their super powers are not at full maturity yet.

Well, okay . . . I guess it’s okay if the hotties drop in, because someone has to give the young ones something to aim for . . .

(from Otaku Central)


Oops my fault! Just kick me off the thread…I spread the Cutie Pie Love Everywhere
It’s like fairy dust!
Running back where I belong…hahahahaha

(I really need to stop eating chocolate)


Kick her off, she says. Every time a new thread starts, there’s some new gaggle of guys she manages to get in the door. What do you think this thread is? A coffee shop? Are you getting a discount for filling up the tables?


Enter the Coffee Princes

We Heart It

OK I promise I’ll be Good! :smiling_imp:

(by the way you make me laugh which is good)


If you can’t be good . . . be careful!


Oh, fine, why doesn’t Discobot just cut to the chase and tell me to go home and write “I will not be rude to my subbing sunbaes” five hundred times?

Discobot has violated its own thread principles by not being . . . original.


I love how Discobot makes it sound like a parent or teacher lecturing a child: “Have you considered replying to other people too?” That “other” in italics so you can actually here Sir Discobot emphasizing the words to make you feel like a guilty little kid. :joy:
And the condescending “If you’d like to continue your convo with this particular user… SEND THEM A PERSONAL MESSAGE:sob:



@vivi_1485, ahem: UN MESSAGE PERSONNEL.

Hope Sir D is happy. I have been assuming Lady D, but if it is actually a “Mike Meyers bot,” then, at least in terms of physics, electronics, or science-y things . . . Lir or Slady D is definitely ambivalent.

(Oy! YouTube is like buttah!)


Re: My Roommate Is A Gummy Bear . . .

Which roomie is eye candy? One? Both?

Who sings the theme song? Him? Her?

Suddenly my life
Is filled with sweet perfume.

Is it raindrops on the flowers?
Is it sunshine in my room?

The world so sad and grey
Is now so bright and pure.

It’s you, it’s you my love.
It’s you, it’s you, I’m sure.

You’re everywhere at once
Yet only here with me.

Come quick and hold my hand,
Now and eternally . . .

07/10/21 02:53 PM EST


you guys should watch imitation
its a great, cute and refreshing show


Yes! Jeong Ji So is great in Imitation as well as Doom At Your Service. She is courageous, tough, and never gives up. She is quite an inspirational character!


It’ll keep her occupied and out of trouble. Am I right?






Well, okay.

I have my clipboard, my pillow for sleeping under the sound truck on my rain poncho, my Sherpa hat, my self-warming hand packs, my box lunch from the SFL’s production company, my water bottle, my lip balm, my reading glasses, my magnetic mah jong game, my script for a smash new drama on my tablet, ten bags of honey crisp potato chips, a two-quart insulated coffee cup with sippy lid, and two bags of dried squid to share with my sunbae who let me borrow a camp chair.

Now where in blue blazes is that Onion-sama-PD-nim whom @vivi_1485 said wanted everybody jumping to this thread STAT?

No, no. Don’t tell me.

He’s still lolling about in the Pinewood Studios canteen having a late dinner with Daniel Craig–champagne, mousse of foie gras with truffles, new peas from Home Farm, a strawberry-cranberry trifle flow in from Dublin, and tea in Royal Doulton cups with loose Assamese tea picked two hours ago and flown by private jet to Heathrow.

I’ll just console myself and pass the time with the five packets of Haribo gummy bears I just found in the bottom of my backpack . . .



I am still lurking deep in thought, planning, planning, planning. I told my boss that I’m needed as PD for an imaginary drama yet to be formulated but he was not impressed one bit. Apparently the fact that he pays me a wage requires that his work takes precedence over what he described as me living in some place called Cloud Cuckoo Land. I had to set him straight that I did not actually live in an amusement park as fun as that sounded.