The Zither and Other Stringinstruments


Also related to the zither: the Finnish kantele :


This one is my fav piece, the rhythm etc. is so nice =>

I once was on a live concert of Korean musicians; their instruments are similar to the Chinese one’s. Was a really great concert :slight_smile:


That is awesome, how they can all deal with it…
The little girl alone, So young, and plays with the instrument. Or the guitar :slight_smile: Very well done :hugs:
Thank you for the Videos very cool.
A wonderful instrument, the Gayageum… I am learning to :slight_smile:


And another piece of jewelry, Kantele, It sounds softer or not? :slight_smile: It almost leaves me speechless,
That there are such beautiful instruments, But I’m so blind myself, And I don’t even recognize them :roll_eyes: It is probably so :slight_smile:


Yes, The hammer or? If you play like that, Then there’s a lot more to it… As, I play an instrument today… This is full Heartblood :heart:

This video is great :+1: I love it, Strength measure
In a musical way :grin: Very good, And there too, Different musical instruments :star_struck::hugs:


It’s the Finnish national instrument, but I must admit before my studies I had never heard of it either. :wink: The Baltic countries have it too: in Estonian it’s called kannel .
The kantele has many variations, as you have seen above. In this song you can hear a kantele in the intro:

And in Music from Finland you can hear a whole home concert on kantele by someone from the band Nest.

But many countries have some kind of variation on the zither. Iraq for example:


It’s so fantastic, thank you Mirjam :heart_eyes: I am currently listening… Musik from Finnland :star_struck:


Wow! Love the first video! So this was played at france? Love her self-confidence here :heart_eyes:


thank you for helping me know what the name of that musical instrument is! harpsacord??? is it different than these?


A harpsichord has a keyboard, a zither is a stringed instrument. :slight_smile:


thanks for the info.


I watched the video, and because of that, I was able to identify the instrument that a girl was playing in the anime movie version Girls und Panzer der Film :smiley: I was like, I’ve heard this before and it seems so familiar, is it a Finnish instrument? And sure enough, it was!


I was watching another drama the other day, and main character was playing a zither.


What kind of bugs me is that a lot of times in the Chinese historical dramas, the actors/ actresses don’t even play the instrument; the soundtrack overrides their music. Ah well, it’s a shame, but I understand. Not everyone has the time to learn the guqin or the zither.


In The Untamed the actors had to learn to play their instruments. :slight_smile:


Really? That’s great! It’s not something I see very often…


Yes. :slight_smile:


I know they were awesome! and realy enjoyed the drama!


It’s unbelievable, and fascinating…
Sound beautiful :heart_eyes::heart:


oh my goodness! kind of haunting too, but amazing, beautiful!!