There are people cheating to earn their wy to become a QC!
^^This user is taking already subtitled shows and copying and pasting them without permission and earning his way to become a QC. I am infuriated! He is taking credit where credit is not supposed to be given. Watch out guys your subs might be copied and pasted!

When you have evidence or are sure that subs are stolen from third parties, only made with google translate etc report it to Viki. This also counts for people who sub in the wrong language on purpose. Then they will investigate the situation and take action they seem fit.

You can report it by writing the help center:

Actually simple english is for people who don’t have the length span to read fully written sentences. It actually is a thing sadly. ADD and ADHD people have to have things written out to them in simple english. I know everyone might think its cheating but its also the real thing. I know this because my kid has to have everything written out to him in simple english.

That would be totally okay, but what @lulutat26 is talking about, is that the subtitles have been copied entirely, no changes have been made. So it’s not “simple english” in the way you described it, but it’s the copied normal english subtitles written by other persons.

Oh, Okay i didn’t really see but i seen it was simple english.

i not really sure if it could happened, since there will be some notification say “content already exist” if i wanna save a same subtitle

This was probably done in the bulk editor. The En has been copied word for word from En to Simple En, except where a mistake was made and one line was copied into two consecutive places. If they had been placed on the team then the Channel Manager should deal with them and report if needed.

I saw this happened in my channel too (Emergency Couple) so I contacted Viki about it.
How rude to steal the hard work of my team who worked really hard on these subs.

The person copied off the original English subtitles and pasted them underneath Simple English. Therefore there was no notification

Yes, I was about to contact you about this situation, but at the time my computer died and I forgot afterwards.