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Hi friends! Here we all can tell our daily life problems which are faced by us so bad and if someone knows how to solve it through their experience they can share their experience

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Ya even I feel we should never tell our personal information even to our closest friends because who knows who cheats whom and when?I that also this is social media who knows who leaks what and when?It could even be your best friend on social media.

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So, on this one, are you keeping this topic, or flagging it for deletion?

Hmm, this discussions isn’t really “Dear Betty” column or whatever that column’s lady was.
If it’s Viki related issues some things can be discussed here others need a ticket filling. For social there are already threads available:

  • Do you cook
  • Do you have plants
  • Thoughts for us to ponder
  • etc…

Just write keywords in your search box and you’ll find many


I am keeping this topic

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But in that kind of things you have to search all of them differently but here it is for all the topics and if you have many problems of different topics then in that you have to send messages to all discussions different whereas here you tell all your problems in one message and it’s solved


Point taken, but do be mindful of being a prolific topic opener. :wink: this applies to all trust levels of basic, member, regular, and leader. You’re currently at the basic trust level. Try filling out your profile, reading the guidlines, checking out your messages. As a newly joined, you should have some activities waiting for completion in your inbox.

Try checking what other topics are there first.
Some people agree, and some disagree on this, but the age of the topic might still be relevant. It’s just a matter of reviving it with a new post, to let someone know of it, instead of opening topics willy-nilly. :wink:

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Okay :+1: I will remember your suggestion and thanks for it

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Like a sliver of a fishbone, I got the sliver of a sunflower seed’s shell stuck in the soft part of my throat, and under the soft rear of my tongue. That’s a pain I do not wish on anyone! I had to steer myself clear of asphyxiation.
The culprit:

I tried gargling, swallowing lots of water, coughing with force to my throat, :pleading_face: these all made the pain worst. It felt like a tiny needle point, refusing to be unlogged. Yes, I was praying the whole time. I stayed in that pain for hours before thinking of messaging everyone for a solution. It was scary. :pleading_face:
Somewhere in my mind, I thought of googling, and bread, but not seriously until I had to message.
The Solution:
I received a reply back, from a co-worker to eat rice, or dry bread. In my case I had only saltine crackers on hand. I started eating, and swallowing the entire bar of crackers, and within minutes the culprit was unlogged. I also drank additional water.

I hope this helps someone else. :blush: