Tips on Viki Disqus


I just noticed that we can call someone just putting @hisusername in Team Discussion for example (yes, I was indeed slow to see that XD).
So it’s useful when you need help from someone in the team and the “answer” button is not available under his name, you can summon him using @.

But apparently, we can only summon people that already participated in the same Viki disqus discussion, meaning that if one has never talked in the said Team discussion, we can’t @them.

And last tip is when people you want to summon are burried in Team Discussion, I noticed that when I @them, their username doesn’t appear.
So to @oneuser, the only way I found was to scroll down the Team Discussion until the last targeted volunteer’s answer appears in Team Discussion (we have to make his name appear again in Team Discussion before @him)

But I really don’t know what people find more convenient, @them in Team Discussion or PM them, well not a big question here but I suppose some can find @ or PM bothersome.

If you have other tips, feel free to add them!

Piranna, I noticed that too, I tried to @ a person who participated earlier in TD but the blue colored @… did not appear.
Another way to get noticed is just when you like a comment or just reply on any of that person comments, the person will receive a Disqus notification when using Disqus in the red circle with the numbers of notifications.

Now sometimes Disqus is buggy and when you click on notifications it will simply open just a plain page of disqus, that happens for example if you went offline and re-connected to your internet, apparently Disqus cannot verify your account even if you can post comments.

One way to correct that is open a new viki page or refresh few times then open the notifications again… that works for me and it’s a hassle.