Title and translation

am i the only one who feel irritated about the title translation in our local language

it’s nice to translate subtitle , but i think there are thing that do NOT need to be translated
the title is one thing ! usually title is in the original language or in english , but find drama title in french disappoint me !

does the other language have this problem too ?


I totally agree !! Especially in french…when they translate the titles sometimes it doesn’t even make sense xD Personally I leave the tilte as it is in English or Korean…

i find a beautiful one
city hunter => Le chasseur de la ville
ça perds tout son charme ^^

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Sérieux xD ??! Graveee ça fait trop bizarre !

Yes. It’s normal even in Polish language. Question is: should we give a literal translation or faithful? This is a nightmare for profesionalls.