Title Images on Viki

I saw it already many times and finally I decided to start a topic about it,
Many drama titles from mostly Japan suffer from terrible title images that don’t look so appealing.
I know that Viki has a specific size for the title images, but I still wonder why they disregard this element. I would asume while browsing to a list of dramas nice images that catch the audience attention should be prefered.
E.g. I saw the official poster for Hirugao online and thought that this drama looks interesting enough for me to check out the description. Now I saw the same drama on Viki and I didn’t feel like this at all since Viki choose to pick a still from the drama.
Official poster:
Viki poster:

Other examples: Happy Negative Wedding:
The Hours of My Life:

I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper

I saw that it is quite common for Japanese shows here, so I wonder if there is another reason?

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Hi :slight_smile:

I remember clearly that Managers and moderators of a fan channel or licensed channel used to be able to update (whenever a bug occurred) / or upload the thumbnail (main image) of a new channel but now that feature is disabled :rage:.
We as part of the Team took our time to try our best to look for the most eye-catching thumbnail (from the wallpapers released) and uploaded it ourselves. (That feature was fun)

In recent years, Viki staff is in charge to update all thumbnails of channels according to the instructions of content providers due to an agreement.

I’m afraid they have to pay extra attention to that if they want to keep attracting more fans to visit a channel. :smirk: