Title Request Form (SOLVED)

Hello, I just wanted to ask. If we fill in the title request form so that an upcoming drama will be licensed, can we do it more that once? Or will they trace your email and only count it as once no matter how many time we suggest for the show to be licensed?

Yes, you can do it more than once. Actually, that’s what most CMs want you to do!

I’m not sure about the 2nd part, though.

I’ve been doing it countless of times for one of this show which I desperately want to see. But halfway through, I suddenly had the thought that what if after all my effort, they only count it as once? Then I started getting unsure. :person_frowning::person_frowning:

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I actually asked Viki staff about it and this is the answer I got:
“Regarding the license requesting form, our team looks at all of the unique submissions so multiple submission is not necessary.”

I also sent several license requests for the same show before, but seems like only once is enough xD


Oh, thank you for telling me, then! I’ve been sending countless title request forms for just a drama but it was still not licensed in my country. I guess that is why. Hahaha… So after this I’ll only send one form per drama. Saves my time, and saves my mouse from needing to click so many things at a time. Thank you once again! :smile:

Thank you, I’ve been wondering too. It makes sense, and it’s much fairer that way. I never asked more than once anyway, and I also don’t send requests as courtesy for dramas that I would never be interested watch, because I consider it cheating. Viki has to know how many people are really interested in watching that show. They have to give money for licenses, and they have to choose wisely, based on people’s interests.