To viki( my complaints)

Hi Viki, Thanks a lot for creating this new forum/discussion board. It is really to my liking and that of others as well. However, I think there still might be some glitches going on with it.

PROBLEM 1: sometimes, it is extremely hard to get into this discussion board. I can’t count the number of times I have tried getting in here but couldn’t. Yesterday it took me like an 1hr to get in here. This is very frustrating because I would really like to pop in and out of the discussion board anytime i feel like but currently, it is not possible.

PROBLEM 2: i noticed that sometimes, when a user wants to send a reply to another viki users comment,the reply button has to be pressed/tapped like 4-5 times for it to go through.

Please can you fix these problems? Thanks


Same here. Wouldn’t it be better to send a message to the Help Center, though?

YES. I mean, I’m probably spending too much time here as it is, ahem… But it does take a while, sometimes, to get the page to load >.<

Yes I know it would be better to send a message to the help center but sometimes i dont feel like going there so I post requests on the community wall…now that the community wall is gone, I post stuff here instead.

I spent like 2HRS trying to get in here yesterday because I knew some of my viki friends would be hanging out here… the situation is so frustrating

Wow this forum finally works, first time today and it’s already evening here (6:30PM GMT+2) Ever since it’s on it always went down aound 10-11PM here too and then it won’t work for hours most of the time. So far if I’m not mistaken I got errors 500,502 and 503. Bad gateway but most of the time I don’t even get those messages since chrome can’t correct to the server and asks me to try again.

Viki please fix those problems,the forum is not even crowded and so alive yet because it’s all new.

Ohh and I don’t feel like sending a help request about this since they must notice it too, this forum is more down then working.

True. I tried getting in here lots of times today but unable to. I am starting to think that maybe I shouldn’t bother coming here until everything is fixed…

Ohh wow ever since I was able to get on it, it seems to work better and faster… but let’s not say that to loud before it’s back to being down most of the day.

LMAO! Yes it is working fine now but that is how this discussion board is…it goes from fast to veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slow…smh

I totally agree Chizzy. And no maybe this is better. Because I still haven’t gotten a reply to my question from help center.

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Thanks so much for the note! We know that the Discussions aren’t perfect yet and we’re working on making them more stable!

Please make sure to send your issue reports to us through the Help Center though :slight_smile:

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@salz Can you let me know what your Help Center reference number is? I can look into your help request and make sure you get a response soon.

I know it’s frustrating to be unavailable to enter the forum, but I think the engineers are working on this very often. It must be hard to deal with a third party that is not their programs. Like Disqus, they probably can’t do anything they want, their regular team probably have restrictions. Maybe the forum’s popularity
Is so high that the forum’s server have hard time to handle it, or stuff like that.
I had a long moment to wait for my answer last time I wrote to the HC, but my request was not an extremely critical one. But when I am writing rush in the title, when it’s an emergency, I got an answer really quickly. They probably receive many times the same complaints and it would take too long to answer to all right away, making the solution’s coming really late.
Hang on everyone, you know how we had a hard time when viki changed the version but look how we now have such a beautiful website :slight_smile:

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Hi Mariko!
I got to listen dramas on my iphone this week and I noticed the huge amount of commercials I don’t have when I am working on the subs. Last time I had to listen a drama outside the editor, I had about 6 commercials of 30 seconds each time. Now I had one pub every 5 minutes. It’s too much! Really, really too much. I understand why there is so much complaints from people. Can’t you make them together, so instead of seeing 12 commercials, we see 4 or 6 pairs…
I hope in the future, when you will take off the pub for the active QC, you add the commercial-free version to the mobile apps too. For me, I only look dramas on the mobile app when I am not working on it.
Thanks, team :slight_smile:

@miliefleurie We totally hear you! An ad-free version is something that we’re definitely working on (you’ll be able to watch ad-free on your mobile device too) and it’s something that all QCs will get for free!

I knew it, at least for the PC version, but I wasn’t sure about the mobile ones.
It’s a really good thing to give the contributors an ad-free version. A sweet thing to thanks our work :slight_smile:

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Well said, milie! :slight_smile:

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Yeah milie has he best ideas…she could totally be a viki staff.

it would be nice :slight_smile:

LOL…secretly expressing your inner wish milie?