Top 3 K-dramas


ikkk it would have to be a life or death situation for me to be able to watch that. hahaha
i loved both those are accpepted and i flew through those episodes. u are so right.


My top 3 k-dramas are : Bridal Mask
Innocent Man


Yee yeee you didn’t watch faith so you can’t say anything about that right : D


LOL no xD i didnt watch it


Can’t pick just 3!!!
But I do love My love from the star, Secret love and Faith!!!
But really, my top ones are the one with score 10:


Just wondering why you love Heirs… I so wanted to love that one, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe your saw something i didn’t?


I didn’t have any expectations about Heirs, I just started watch. And, as usually, I didn’t read synopisis before watching. So…I was very open about it :smile:

I like Heirs so many reason:

  • casting is so successful
  • an interesting plot
  • dialogue and chemistry between the actors
  • scenes which wants to watch again and again

All the reasons why some TV series are good.



HAHA my top 3
reply 1997
Queen In Hyun’s Man
( >﹏<。)~Ican‘t find out another one.So just this two dramas


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you are missing soooooo many good dramas!
Dramas like Jewel In the Palace (classic) and Dong Yi!


Do you not following My Love from The Star yet???

It’s such a boom at the moment!
Join us, don’t miss the ride ; )


Heirs drama is also good :smile:


No that it’s finished, I can say that for me, #1 is My Love from The Star : D
And the next in line would be Secret Garden and Lie to Me (now, for this one, I know the drama went makjang, but I just love the chemistry of the OTP…)


Thanks! I came in here looking for drama suggestions…currently in search of a good drama. I shall give it a try, though I tend to stay away from melodramas:)


Although I like and have re-watch many others, I think that my top three K dramas would be

  1. Secret Garden / Iljimae
  2. Coffee Prince/ Dong Yi
  3. Gentleman’s Dignity / Reply 1977 / Legend

Ok so I cheated a little by adding a costume / period as well. These are special because I enjoyed them so much that actually took the time out to learn and own songs off the various OSTs! And that’s how I entered the world of K-pop…lol.


I had not see Dong Yi, I’ve added it to the list!!

  1. Coffee Prince
  2. Answer Me 1997
  3. My Love from the Stars


hahahahaaaaa I was looking thru these posts to see if I can spot something to watch and these pics of LMH & “Faith”…
well looks like I will rewatch “Faith”


Hahahahhah yeah gonna re watch it soon. But I can’t count anymore. I just watched this drama toooooo often :smiley:


lol I started Faith then got bored and ended up rewatching “Lie to Me” Absolutely loved it !