Top 3 K-dramas


Ehmmm I never watched Love around till the end
I stopped somewhere cs It was so boring and annoying after a while
I don’t like taiwanese dramas so much anyway but I watched a few. Love around was the only one i couldn’t finish
I even watched Love now and that was 72 EPISODES !!


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaATTTTTT?! and i was gonna watch love now. FORGET IT!! lol i hate sticking around in long dramas!!
YES it is SO BORINGG im seriously dying


i don’t know why I watched that, seriously hahaha
I even hate dramas with 30 episodes …


now i know crosses off list


I agree. It is an amazing drama :smiley:


hahahaha yeayy more space for other dramas


Hahaha Me too I couldn’t watch Love Now even though I’m a HUGE fan of George Hu but it was juste too much (I stopped somewhere near the 30th ep)! When you tried watching Love Now and failed, Love Around is a LOT easier to watch lol


When I look for a Drama to watch, I read the synopsis,then the number of episodes. Generally if it’s 50 of more…


LOL i cant even go past 21




For me
More than 25 ? NO
sometimes when I think that the drama might be good 30 …
I love jung il woo but his new drama has more than 50 episodes T-T

  • boys over flowers
  • heirs
  • faith


  • to the beautiful you
  • playful kiss
  • BIG
  • Personal taste


This is the most evil thing anyones ever made me done, … decide which one of my babies I like more. Oh and i forgot about love from another star!


LOL i know its like asking whether u like your mother or your father xD


hahahahah I always said that i love both , it was the best answer to not loose anything


i especially liked that it was longer than the “normal” dramas- at first I thought that it might get boring, but it was so exciting the whole time- I just couldn´t stop watching :)))


Never hahaha I can’t remember how often i watched Faith
I could watch it again, without getting bored
I mean look at this … How could that happen with this smile?

  1. Heirs
  2. Boys Over Flowers
  3. Secret Garden


BUT what about Faith? or BOF? or Goong? I think that 24 and 25 is ok! but yeah you´re right that it is kind of a limit- I would never watch a drama with 30 episodes or more… :slight_smile:


Good Doctor, Coffee Prince, and Let’s Eat is up there right now.