Trying to find my old post

So the viki website has scrambled since I wrote this old post about how subtitling works. In order to save myself trouble of rewriting it, and just edit it, I’m looking for said old post again.

I originally posted it on Faith (Korean version–1 year ago) (If I recall correctly) and it was cross posted a few times, but under the new system I can’t backtrack to that original post. Anyone have a clue where it might have gone off to or how to search for it?

It was a long long post it went through the steps of subtitling and why it’s difficult and asked for people’s patience in translation to buy the translators patience and time. =P It was useful at the time and I kinda need the post back so I can cannibalize it for another project I’m doing.

Is it gone forever, or is there a way to find it?

Hello there!
All the former posts are gone, deleted, with the last “big” change at Viki.
That was a point that made me quit Viki for some months.
There now is a guideline, that states that Viki is not to be used as an archive. So unfortunately, yes, it’s all gone and no chance to get it back.

Thanks. I’ll have to recreate it then.

If it’s on this forum you can go to your profile (click on your icon on top) and then go to topics.

It as on the old forum system a year ago, so I believe it was wiped. I’ll recreate it from scratch. It was useful, at the time for creating empathy and compassion in the community, which is what I’d like to do as well.

Rewrote it: