Turkish Dramas need German Subbers

Here are 2 awesome turkish Dramas which need to be translated into German


Wren also needs English Subbers if you are interested


Kurt Seyit and Sura

We need German Subbers who can help to translate from English to German.
If you are interested, send me a PM

I would be very happy if someone wants to join the team !=)

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i will try for u after wat i did

You don’t need to feel sorry =) it was just a misunderstanding that can happen.
Thank you that you want to try , but can you speak German ?
It’s okay if you can’t help , it’s not like you did something really bad and that you have to take responsibility. Like i already said i accept your apologize =)

no i want to try honestly

Yes I know … but you need to know German to do that , that’s why =)

Okk i was just sayingg