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Hello fellow contributors!

I’m Kauã, “kaua0908”. I came here because I want to clarify everything, redeem myself here on Viki.

For those who don’t know me, I’m “kaua0908, the abuser” - For approximately 6-7 months I was the one who caused trouble for everyone, I was the one who did a lot of wrong things, and I was the one who had several accounts with fake names, deleted . (I know! It may sound obsessive, psychopathic on my part! But yes I did it).

I didn’t come to try to defend myself or try to blame anyone, it’s all my fault and mine alone! A colleague of ours, @nimi_stepinac had the subtitles, previously, deleted because of a big misunderstanding! (I still don’t know if it was because of me, or if it was Viki’s mistake regarding her). Anyway, I’m assuming this too! I did a lot of wrong things in hope to solve my problem with more problems! I will explain.

“I found Viki, because I wanted to watch ‘The Kingdom: Legendary War’, at first I just wanted to watch, and nothing else. Until I started to get impatient because I really wanted to watch the reality show, but there were no subtitles. That’s when I learned about the platform, and I saw that I had the opportunity to help and improve my English, since at that time my English was intermediate! I tried to get into many dramas as a portuguese subber, but because I didn’t have anyone around to help me, I was very lost and I didn’t know what to do! When I managed to get into my first team, it was Viki Pass, and I was frustrated, but I didn’t give up. Until I found another team! And I started to help. It came to at a certain point where I was afraid to press the button to confirm the subtitle, because there were things I was in doubt, but I was still ashamed to ask! (In the meantime, I had met a lot of people and had read part of the subber manual from viki. So much so that I created a group on discord to help the Portuguese community!) So, when I started to be afraid, I started using Google Translate, to check my subtitles, it wasn’t to translate and stay that way, I wanted to confirm to know if I understood right or not; But over time I learned that everyone had their point of view, and that was okay. When a Moderator from a team that I was part of, came to contact me saying that I was using GT and that I was going to withdraw, I was scared! And I started to be rude! Very rude, as I felt threatened and pressured, I started having disagreements with everyone within the discord group, so much so that I even deleted the group!”

“I was feeling bad, and I had managed to be Moderator of my language, on the reality show I was watching, The Kingdom: Legendary War. I only had 3,000 subtitles, I didn’t understand anything, I just wanted to help, but I was put on the team as Moderator; when actually I just wanted to know why the subtitles weren’t ready yet, for an episode that was released on “May 1st” and we were on the “May 7th” and nothing has happened. Anyway, that’s no excuse! Moving on…
I was sad and I had this moderation, that’s when a lot of people started texting me, saying it was a big step, and that I had to leave reality because I had a lot to learn! And they asked me to recommend them as a Reality Moderator instead of me! I felt even more frustrated, upset, angry…everything! That’s when I lost my mind and simply asked them to stop asking me this and stop being insensitive.” (I know I was really rude! But I didn’t know what else to do, and my way of dealing with all that , it was just insulting others! I know they didn’t know what was happening to me, but even so, I was wrong to yell and be rude!).

“Until then, they started exchanging information between them, telling to report my account because I was rude, very rude! And stuff like that!
And then they pressured me so much, and they wouldn’t stop texting me, then… I freaked out and deleted my account! Weeks later, I felt bad and wanted to go back to Viki, as here I felt safe and was an escape from my personal life. That’s when I came back, but even so, I was scared and didn’t want to join Portuguese teams since they were talking about me, so I created an account where I translated into other languages! (I really knew and still know some things in each language I translated, but I was still using GT! I used it because I didn’t know the language, but I didn’t want to go back to the Portuguese community because I was afraid. If I stayed somewhere else, no one would judge me! But it wasn’t like that. I was discovered, reported and my other account had been deleted, and so the fake account loop began! Every time I was discovered, I deleted my account and created other…”

(Guys, I want you to know, that I really apologize, if I hadn’t been so stupid, if I hadn’t acted so much on impulse, none of this would have happened, and no one would have been harmed! All the time saying this, because I really changed, and I won’t do it again, that’s why I came to say this in public, so that everyone can say what they think and that I feel lighter to move on and show that I’ve changed! - - If you want to get mad and call me names, feel free, if you want to judge me or just ignore me, feel free! I want to go back to being a normal contributor, who helps with dramas, and does the best to deliver the best work! I don’t want to live in a place where, all people hate me and report me all the time. I swear I’ll get better. – During this mess I also tried to contact VIKI STAFFs, at the time I contacted Jeslyn so much but she didn’t answer me, and I started to think that I was being ignored because of what I did and was doing).

Again I say, “I’m sorry guys”, I came to clarify because I really want to be on good terms with everyone, you may not trust me, but I’ll show you that I can help, that I’m not like that anymore, I’ve changed!
I don’t know what else to say, “I’m sorry”.



My friendly advice to you is to seek professional help. You seem like a very disturbed individual. And you need to solve your problems out in the real world.

Also, people do not just change like that. You are simply saying it because you want a clean slate. You no longer wish to be ignored by the Community, which by your own admittance you have sabotaged over and over again. Why? Because you are in fact a selfish individual who does not care about others. You hurt people in order to make yourself feel good.

Again, this might not be your fault 100% Who knows what kind of messed up life you have.
But you do need to solve your issues.

And under no circumstances should you be allowed to work here. Pay for a subscription like the rest of us. Do some good too.


Hi Kauã.

It was great to read your background to your story. I understand what it’s like trying to get involved in the various communities here at Viki. Often it’s not easy because everyone seems to have their own group of ‘friends’ that they work with. This can be a bit frustrating at times. Perseverance and being reliable are the keys to success.

I sincerely wish you well.

All the very best,


@angelight313_608 @sonmachinima @frustratedwriter @irmar

Have you guys seen this? It reads like a bad novel. Is it true or fake, though?


You’re a kind soul indeed, but if any of this is true, they should not be allowed to work here again. Using Google translate might actually be OK. It’s not as though Viki is all that professional in the first place. But being rude and hurting others just because you seek attention? No way. Not with people who have done nothing wrong to you.


I’m sorry, but you were not “put on” the team as moderator. You specifically asked to be the comoderator because the original moderator didn’t have enough time to do the job, which was also the reason for the delay of the Portuguese subtitles.



I appreciate your opinion and will not judge you as we each have our own opinion.

I could have followed here on Viki in silence and used others to hide, but I preferred to speak openly, at the end the truth comes out. For you, who never went through what I went through, it may seem futile, but I didn’t judge you! Again, it’s your opinion.
What I want is just to have a quiet volunteer life here on Viki, I don’t want problems, and if I have to expose myself for that, why not?

Once again, thanks for your opinion, and that’s it.


Yes mirjam!

I asked you in that message! I wanted to be, in a way, an extra help to the channel! Since the Moderator was off time, I explained the whole situation to you!

I’m not trying to blame you, okay? But I was kind of… impressed, because I thought it would help translating or something, but not being a Moderator. Anyway, I was wrong and that’s what is being exposed here.


Does this account belong to you ?


I am just asking you because, I am afraid that i might have hurt a real volunteer.


If that was a reason for disallowing people to work on Viki, several others would have to leave as well.


No. I just have this one to use the discussion and my contributor account.

Why? Is there something?


This is not you right?


No. I don’t know your language and I never intended to do anything.


Okay thanks for the clarification


Such individuals should be banned. End of story.


I was not stating an opinion. It is a matter of fact. And of course, people are going to judge you. You have just admitted to sabotaging the entire Community. What? Do you want to be forgiven so that you may once again make a mess of everything and everyone with your Google translate? Your intention was not to apologise. You just want attention. You will have it. But by making this public, you now have to pay for your wrongdoings.

Also, on a personal note, please seek help, you know, like professional help from a certified doctor.



That’s your opinion. Not wanting to deduct anything or point the finger at anyone but, did you come here on a topic that wasn’t directed at you to try to make it look like you took action?

I do have a problem, and in order to be able to treat it in addition to solving it myself, that’s why I came to clarify.
I have bipolar disorders and I’ve been learning to deal with it, and part of that was due to anxiety and pressure, it was bad for me to write the whole story because it makes me realize how bad I was, but now I can be different.

I knew people like you might want to criticize, doubt, make fun… I saw your profile and actually some of your opinions don’t match what you really do.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about others, but about my problem that affected a lot of people. If I sounded selfish and insensitive, sorry. Thanks again for the sincerity and honesty, but I think there are more subtle ways of expressing this. (For an example, sending me a direct message, and not making a fuss or trying to show imperative or something like that😕).


I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Of course, under the direct guidance and supervision of a trusted moderator. If the person shows signs of doing it again, then of course…

Unless you hacked her account, how can it be your fault? Her work was found suspiciously similar and often exactly same to subtitles from other websites and that’s why two people from her team reported her, and Viki always does their own investigation as well. Regardless of what the truth of that case is, It has nothing to do with you.


Well it’s a good step towards getting out of the closet. When I read you post, all sounds kinda erratic… too many emotions like frustration, anger, disappointment, fear, being in the unknown and desires and regrets. I wonder if you are quite young, usually teenagers go through phases like that.

Anyway, admitting your wrong is good, but when you are in the unknown, you need to ask for help rather than assuming things. Just because subtitles aren’t fast, there is no such quick fix and patience is the key.

It’s true there are all kinds of groups on Viki and there are lots of volunteers who welcome novices and introduce them to the Viki steps of volunteering, subtlitling, segging and various roles. - There is also a lots of reading material on Viki, one just has to find them, if you don’t know where, you must ask. Good luck in changing your approach and perhaps there is a chance to start all over if you are sincere.

I think this is extreme… it still takes some courage to admit wrongs, not everyone does it, whether it’s sincere or not, that remains to be seen in future steps, but still it’s here.
I’m all for second chances like irmar said.


Actions say more then words and you lied to me several times. Even when I caught you red handed you remained lying to me saying I and others where the bad persons. But let me tell you, when I caught you nobody told me about that, I found out myself. So why did you have to lie and drag other innocent people into the matter?! And instead of coming clean remain lying, thinking I’m stupid?! You even
threaten to report me to VikiStaff! (While of course I was already in touch with staff and they gave me their support). If you did come clean to me and really changed your ways at that time I would have given you a chance but now I will never add you to one of my CM projects. I hate people who lie and abuse the system and I think you are one of the worst cases during my time on Viki.

So if you mean what you say do not contact me ever again for any moderator/subber position on my CM projects.

It’s a miracle Viki didn’t ban you from the site because you not only where/are a threat to the community, also towards the Viki brand. What if possible content owners or investors see the abuse you did and decide to turn Viki down?