> --------u-------- <


It’s great that you’re confessing to everything, and i hope you understand the full impact of what you’ve been doing on Viki. You have caused a LOT of annoyance and trouble for a lot of volunteers here. It’s very hard to earn trust once you’ve damaged your reputation so much. If you really want to change, either find someone here who is willing to train you from scratch or move to another platform with a clean slate - and do a good job there.

Number 2: You aren’t supposed to volunteer if you aren’t fluent. Viki is not a school where you can learn and practice languages. You have to KNOW the language. If you don’t fully understand the language, how on earth do you translate it or edit it? I tried doing that when I first started out. It doesn’t work. You can’t create quality subtitles when you aren’t fluent. Be confident with your language.

I’m sorry you didn’t have anyone to help you when you first started out. You should have continued to ask other volunteers if they were willing to train you… that’s the only solution.

The thing is, after all this, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to have normal contributor life. Your reputation will always go before you. You did things that deserved reporting. I’d suggest you take a break from all volunteering activities for a while. Try searching for other hobbies during your hiatus.

PS: Do you know Galician?


Yet there is absolutely nothing subtle about the way you have behaved here on Viki. Anyway, I have been asked by the good people that make up this Community to let the matter go. It makes no difference to me.

Your main concern right now should be whether or not anyone will want to work with you again.

This is the last you will ever hear from me, so take good care.


adrianmorales, sounds real, sicko??? another way of scamming? having people to respond to this? have Viki investigate this


The story would repeat itself for the 20th time. There’s no point in replying here. It’s part of the game. :woman_shrugging:


Hi Irmar!

Regarding Nimi, I only found out through the discuss, I saw that her subtitles were deleted, but I had never contacted her! I decided to take the blame because in a way I don’t think they would have reported it if the issue about accounts copying subtitles from other websites had been going on. But I actually didn’t know she was reported for that, I just thought it was because of it, you know?

But thanks for the sincerity and your opinion! I think we all should and can express our opinions.



I didn’t threaten you, much less accuse you of anything! When I asked for help I told you the story and at the time you decided to remove me and you were super rude to me asking me never to contact you again, I still tried to go back and explain but again you ignored me and you were rude .

If you think I lied to you, ok. Sorry, I beg your pardon. But I always say that when I enter a channel I need to clarify the story so that there are no misinterpretations and I get another person who doesn’t like me.

If you think that way, fine. Thank you for your opinion and sincerity. I will no longer contact you or “peddle” you, if that’s what you think I’m doing. Thanks again😕.



Thank you for your opinion and advice, I appreciate it a lot, thank you for using words that at the same time convey the opinion but also are not a form of attack.

About Galician, I really understand, since Galician is known as “Galego-Portuguese”, I can speak in Galician a lot, and I understand. But to the point of translating… only with someone’s help. And when I was translating in Galician, I really had someone helping me, it wasn’t someone from that platform, it was a friend I met in a group I was part of, he helped me a lot and was always online. But anyway, I’m not going to translate in this language anymore, so much so that I told him that I wouldn’t need his help anymore, and I explained, he felt bad and tried to cheer me up, so I didn’t give up.
I felt the need to show that I can and will do it differently! But most of the time I was barred and often labeled as a bad person. But I don’t think it’s unfair! Since I did a lot of wrong things, I deserved to have gone through what I went through, otherwise I wouldn’t have the discernment I have today.



Why would it be a game? And why would I do it again, when I’ve decided to speak up?

These days I managed to talk to a Viki Staff, she said that the best way to move on was to show that I’m different, the decision to expose everything was mine and mine alone. I don’t do it because I want attention, and I don’t do it because I want to offend or look like I’m being dishonest.
I’m doing this because I need to be honest, if I want things not to get worse and not affect anyone, I should tell the truth. That’s why I’m here, to tell you the truth.

To you, it might seem like I’m lying, since you’ve also seen a lot, but I’m not. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.


Since I was tagged in this, I guess I should respond.

There were many times I added you to teams… and then I was told it was many of your “other accts”. You have lied many times hiding under these “other” accounts. If I’m correct, that alone will get you banned from Viki.

I know that polyglots exist but they are super rare on Viki. So when I add someone and they are subbing in 10 languages, THAT alone has me suspicious of you. If you are new to Viki and the language you chose is some obscure language that only 20 people know, that will send up red flags for me.

In the beginning, I was really trying to be nice to you. But when I realized that you were using me to get in the door to some dramas and finding out after the fact, hurt. After 10+ so-called “other” accounts, I washed my hands of you.

Then… you wrote me countless times threatening me. Accusing me. Harassing me. Everything was sent to Viki immediately. I was and am done.

Those who want to give him a second chance, so be it. But those who want to give him a second chance, don’t look down on us that don’t. Once you have received the countless hate emails/messages on the borderline of stalking, will you then understand how we feel.

Edit: AND you sent me a message from one of your other accts for me to see this thread. Shakes head


Yes, only people who experienced it will understand!
I agree with you


I have been thinking for a long time whether to answer or not, but I think I should answer. Just for the fact that it seems here for the unknowing that you are the poor victim and we are the bad guys who do not give you a chance and make your life difficult.

Like so many others here at Viki I have had nothing but bad experiences with you, no matter how long you have been at Viki and with what accounts, your behavior gets worse and worse.

My first long message I got from you was a message that many volunteers got. In the message you threatened us, you threatened that we would be guilty if you harmed yourself or others, that you would report us all to Viki, you insulted us and some more. Since then I regularly get messages from you and your other accounts, in which you insult me and threaten me. All of this immediately goes to Viki.

For those who haven’t had anything to do with him yet…
He almost always has the same approach. He looks for new CM’s to apply to or he looks for old channels where the CM is no longer active and in the best case the Portuguese moderator is no longer active either. He will probably write to the other moderators and ask them to let him join the team as a portuguese editor and subber. Why other moderators do this is simply beyond me, because if the responsible people don’t react, then Viki is the next contact person and not the moderators of the other languages. But this allows him always unrestricted possibility to do his mischief in already translated channels. As most of you surely know, an edit takes longer than the pure translation. How can someone edit over 1400 subtitles in such a short time in a channel, if he doesn’t just cheat? With one of his fake profiles he sneaked into a channel and just made 3000 subtitles by inserting only one space. In the profile you can see real subtitles, but they are not his work. Thus he has fulfilled quite fast the condition, in order to be able to apply as a moderator. Since recently, this is only possible if you are a QC with at least 3000 subtitles. Nobody can tell me that this was an accident. Here is a targeted approach and that after he has already assured several times that he will improve and will no longer do. I could list many more such things from him.
His first contact is always friendly and courteous. Then, when he is removed from the team, his behavior changes rapidly. As I have already written, he insults and threatens you. He even goes so far as to tell the people who remove him from the team that his account was hacked by us and that we would do everything to make him look bad.

Honestly, you are sick. Get help in real life and take care of yourself.
Here at Viki you have done so much damage that it will always haunt you. Find another hobby or another platform.
As long as I am on Viki, I will not add you to any of my channels and I will neutrally inform other volunteers of your course of action. They can then decide for themselves if you are viable for their team or not. Since you have now created the post here yourself, a forwarding of the link is now sufficient, so that now really everyone knows how you do your mischief here at Viki.

Answering you here is actually the wrong way to go, because you will only understand what you want and get the attention you want. We should all ignore you and Viki should remove you from this platform for your own protection.


Hi Dear,

I just saw this post and I think everyone should have second chances in life.

I remember you messaging me about joining an already completed project so I couldn’t add you to edit back then.

But why don’t you try to help with languages only you know? That’s the safest way of volunteering and you also improve your already learned language.

What about English?
Why don’t you try captioning from English to English?
This is for the deaf and of course for educational purposes.

For example:
Showbiz Korea

Let me remind you that we all started from 0 and as time passes ( 11 years for me here) we get much better and we even learn new languages without realising it :wink:

I am a native Spanish speaker. But I learned English as part of my profession so I joined Viki to improve my English ‘only’. I decided to first translate from English to Spanish to get experience here and then the next year I asked myself how else I could help here and decided to learn segmenting (another role you can help) and as I focused in segmenting I gained experience after helping so many Korean drama projects that I started to get interested in Korean language and I decided to learn it by myself. And after some years passed I cut down on segmenting and helped with captioning in Korean for educational purposes and for the deaf of course.

I know most of us consider viki as an escape from our personal life since we try to have fun here somehow.

Try to be positive for what’s to come, we can help but you need to be willing to be helped by not making the same mistake over and over again.

You can also try learning segmenting it’s hard at the beginning but once you get the hang of it you can have fun too.

Hope things get much better for you here now that you have decided to be open about it. You have taken the very first step to change things. Best wishes :v:


Some people may not know the background story, but this isn’t the second chance, but the 20th chance at least. About the same text was sent to people on April 15, in February someone else here already tried to help him. Still, some CMs added a supposed experienced TE for Thai and Chinese only 3 days ago who doesn’t know the language in the first place.

Out there, I can maybe disappoint and betray my family or my good friends for a hundred times, and they’d still like me. In an online community, I can only feel disappointed if someone repeatedly takes advantage of the kind heart and helpfulness of others. What about the feelings of those that were insulted, harassed, embarrassed and betrayed all year long? What about the genuine subbers whose subs got messed up due to editing attempts? What about the Portuguese community and all the others that tried to help him countless times?

I can only recommend taking this and all the facts into consideration before we make a decision. Same with the other threads about possible abusers. Over and out.

Yeah, why would you after the last few times you spoke up? It’s not my job to provide a reason for unreasonable behavior. :woman_shrugging: Personally, I would only behave like this if I wanted attention, pity, or troll people that sometimes tend to react with helplessness to this. But this isn’t about me.


As I said before, thanks for your opinion!

It’s easy to come and just argue. I’ve seen so much, and I dare say I’ve known the bad side of everyone who reported to me or had contact with me. Again, why would I come here to talk about everything, if I didn’t want everything to be settled so that this matter died and you never needed to hear or speak from me again? Go straight to the point! I’m not here because I want attention, pity, or abuse people. I’m a human like you, and it’s rude of you to say that I just do this because I want an “audience”, this I have every day, since many people care to go to my account to report me, since many like you bothered to go to the channels I helped to complain, and most of the time saying that I don’t have the capacity and that I should be banned. (As far as I know, discouraging, blacklisting, sharing a user’s information without their permission… is against the rules and also leads to a ban – At first, they shared mine things without me knowing, until I got a screen shot of my google account, my info… what kind of obsession is this?)

If you were rude to a volunteer who had nothing to do with the story, as I’ve heard several reports, I’m sorry but I don’t even know you and my willingness to help in your language is 0 (none), then there would be no reason for you to worry . I’ve heard stories about each community, about each group, about each volunteer, they sent me a screen shoot too! The people who saw that I made a mistake gave me a chance now, and I’ve proven myself worthy, so much so that these people have proven my progress.
I will not prove anything to you, as I have not had contact with you, I have never spoken your name, nor insulted you!

Another thing, if my messages sound like insults, threats… sorry, but that was never my intention! And I would never threaten anyone, say that I will report them to Viki Staff or CM… this is a warning, just like you all did, not a threat!
And yes, they hacked my account and also cloned it, there are several fakes deleted around viki where they were with the photo I used, the nick I used… there was a time when I couldn’t put my own nick because there were people using it and when I went to see it, it was a fake account! A friend said she received several messages from this account, and said that they were threatening people, and using my name to cover up… and other people started to reject me because they thought that account was mine!

You were so focused on helping me, right? I understood the meaning of the word “help” for you. Or rather “harm”? I don’t want a fight, I don’t want an audience, for me, if less people knew what real happened and I had resolved myself sooner, it would be much better! But you made a point of explaining to the entire platform, the matter happened in March 2021 and has been a controversial subject until today?! What’s the point of prolonging it if you want to stop talking about it? Is there really a need? Is it me who wants an audience, or is it you?
Really, for me, I wouldn’t answer you, but talking about my name and accusing me of things I didn’t do, I don’t accept. I came to own up to my mistake, and that’s it! Just it. I’ve heard stories of volunteers doing things and not even saying sorry. Those who don’t know the other side of Viki, think I’m bluffing, think I’m making a scene, and I’m not! I really did.
To get to the point of being afraid of what could happen, things got really serious and it’s not just me to blame! But here, in this message, I am clarifying my mistake.

I’m not here to be rude to anyone, I came to solve myself, but if through this post you want to find a way to offend me in the hope of testing my temper… sorry but you’re in the wrong place.

Once again folks, if I sounded rude, sorry! It’s not and never will be my intention, but I don’t accept being accused of something I didn’t do!
I knew I would be criticized, rejected, welcomed, helped… in this message! Different opinions would arise, and I accept everything, for I was very wrong! It’s part of being a human. For those who never went through what I went through, coming to point the finger at me and going around saying that you took action, it’s easy. But what about facing the facts as they are?

I’m apologizing, not shifting the blame to others!
Sorry again!

I’ve never been rude to people just because I felt like it or something…
I only have some kind of reaction if I feel a really strong threat!
I’m polite to everyone, regardless of what has happened, but if the person speaks or does something against me, I ask 3 times, if they don’t want to admit the mistake and still try to offend or hurt me, automatically the instinct I have is to hire. I know it’s ridiculous! So, once again, I came to explain myself. If I can just solve this problem, other things will solve too! I want to keep a respectful and harmonious place, not a place where I have to hire whenever someone comes trying to hurt me.

(I couldn’t comment as I was busy, sorry for the delay).


I can only speak from what I see and I was never in the group that had to do anything with this case.

I think most of the criticism was… well… criticism. Not hate. Not a threat. Not people being rude without a reason.
If someone uses google translate, does subtitles in language they don’t know, it is absolutely reasonable to be angry. It makes my blood boil, when I have to edit after someone like that. I might sometimes not act like my best self, but is it really that surprising, when someone shows me this kind of disrespect, that they copy-paste and don’t even care to edit?
It’s harming the community. It’s harming the hard-working volunteers.
And if someone also gets angry for hearing, that something like that is unacceptable… Well, not a good look.

If you weren’t an abuser, you wouldn’t need to hide. If you responded to criticism normally, it also wouldn’t be an issue.


I can get you’re going through a lot : bipolar disorder and depression it’s a lot to take. However you cannot take this as an excuse for your behaviour. You’re still responsible of what you’re doing.
You broke people’s trust more than once : how could you expect they will come back to you and act like nothing happened ? Let’s be honest, if you were them, would you ?
Maybe you should give up and let it go. What if you just enjoy watching show like most people do, and besides, find another hobby you might like ?

Take care


Wow! This case looks worse than I thought… As I’m reading along… I had no clue such thing was going on on Viki… that’s indeed not acceptable nor excusable, I’d be very mad!!! :open_mouth::flushed:


The purpose of this topic is to clarify why I had such conduct, such a reaction and the consequences of that, only!
I don’t want to make anyone hate anyone, I don’t want to make people look different at anyone…
That was never my goal. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but after thinking about it, I don’t think I’ll be translating for a long time. If you all want me to stop, then I will.
Being judged is part of it, and I won’t deny it. But again, I only defend myself from things I didn’t do, not what I did! The things I’ve done, I can take a while to assimilate and assume, but the things I’ve done I always end up taking the blame, so that it doesn’t get a boring mood.

I’ll say it again, “It is not and never was my goal to shift the blame to anyone else! Nor to make anyone hated.”
If you don’t understand this, this topic will go on and on! But what I want is just to clarify the story, nothing more.

I won’t contact anyone from here unless you want to be contacted, otherwise I won’t even be on the platform.

Okay? That’s it.


A mi no me dan segundas oportunidades, puedes comprobar en mi post. Los únicos que me siguen ayudando y me han perdonado son el equipo al español, pero si todavía tengo gente que no sabe español apuñalandome, no sirve de nada.


“They don’t give me second chances, you can check in my post. The only ones who continue to help me and have forgiven me are the Spanish team, but if I still have people who don’t know Spanish stabbing me, it’s no use.”

Right here is proof that you still have multitudinous accounts on Viki! The staff have given up deleting all your accounts so our teams are in charge of protecting ourselves!

I have been very careful not to allow you on my teams because of the havoc you caused: writing in other language teams so those rightful subbers can’t do their work, copying lyrics, using Google Translate to sub, doing over 8000 bogus subs in a drama repeating the same subs over and over, writing to me in various account names with exactly the same message, claiming to be real-life winners who won medals for translating, etc.

Here again, I just caught you in another lie because you’re lilashnie, too.

Bipolar is one thing, but you are displaying multiple personalities so you would be diagnosed with schizophrenia. I know a bipolar person who thinks she is the savior of the world. It’s an illness. Viki work is for people who are sane, who are efficient, truthful, hardworking, and in their right mind. It’s not for the mentally and emotionally challenged.

Our subs reach millions of people. You must have little regard for how viewers will feel about incompetent, bogus subs, let alone the reputation that you give Viki. I don’t want to lose this valuable source of Asian dramas because of irresponsible people. What you do is destructive! You can be sued for plagiarism and liable for damaging dramas that Viki pays millions of dollars for!

If you had a conscience, you would apologize and just be a viewer. Your work is not volunteering, but destroying. Before I understood the extent of your damages, I thought it would be good for you to segment, not work with subs. Imagine if you had segmenting status and could traipse all over a drama destroying subs from various language teams. I shudder to think how none of Viki would be safe!

Join some emotional support groups. You need to find yourself a new community where you can have fun and not do damage. Join a fan club, but please don’t stalk anyone. You are young, and a new place where no one knows you is the best chance for you to get a fresh start.

The Viki subbing community is for competent workers, and you have proven you are incompetent and irresponsible. No employer would hire you or give you a second chance, let alone a thirtieth chance! Viki is a working community!

Go attend churches where you can get 20 and 30 chances and all the forgiveness you seek. When someone acts irresponsibly, I forgive him, but it doesn’t mean I have to trust him or go back for more abuse!

Edit: I just received an angry private message from Ka, yet another identity of his. I simply deleted it. I felt I had to speak up, or I become guilty as an accessory by enabling him.