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¿És una broma?

I already talked to you. Good luck, don’t say things like that🥰



Hey what?:exploding_head::joy:

OMG. As I said before, good luck, maybe you’re seeing things that don’t exist. This is getting serious and I little bit weird, since she’s accusing me of doing something that I don’t even know lol.


Oh, sorry! I almost forgot. Do you want to see my Viki inbox? I can show it off to you🥰 (I am being serious😁 I have nothing to hide ^^).


@vikicommunity Are you okay with all this that is going on around here? So much toxicity. Oh god, I am so sick of this, seriously. AT LEAST DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT DOES SOME REAL HARM!! FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!


It’s so so sad to come back here and see that the higher up’s here at RViki are letting this things go so far. I can understand that this individual has an anger issue; that has reach a level that is unacceptable just because he/she is hurting his/her own self.

To see you, someone who is always so calm, to be so angry; is shocking to me. This individual/individuals that has been able to play with the emotions of many in here, and it must stop. Do delete anything this person may send to you in a PM for the sake of your own health worthyromance. Don’t forget your health issues; you need to look out for you, and your family that loves you.

What’s so ‘‘fishy’’ in here; that no matter how understaff they may be in here, to allow this post to stay up for so long, and with this person in a way not being honestly repentant of his/her actions, that makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Why is he/she so angry?

@ kakkkasup
There are things in our life that will happen to us, and I know it will be very unfair that we have to go through that. I don’t know what happened first; your bad decisions as you lied to work as a volunteer here by lying about your language skills or you faced so many rejection and attacks by others from the beginning, making you a bitter and angry person full of hate and revenge to get back at those who hurt you in the first place.

Whatever it was that happened in the past, is done and can’t be erased like a magic eraser. Forgiveness has to be earned, not demanded. There are those that will forgive you, but will never forget, and that’s where you won’t stand a chance to work with them. But I did see a few willing to give you that chance and those were the ones you should hold on to, but instead you continued to write with reproach and thirst of revenge, when all they did was suggesting other things you could do, and give you a chance to redeem yourself.

I don’t know what your ulterior motive really is, but RViki may be imperfect, like we all are since no one is perfect in this world, but let it go, and try to do things right for yourself and only you bc in the long run; the one you’re really hurting is yourself.

The Spanish Team gave you a fighting chance, and you are just dwelling on the English team turning their back on you. Can you blame them? Why are you really not taking the hand that was extended to you by the Spanish team? You could have shown others here that you would make it right this time.

I know you have a good heart since you were worried about another incident that happened here to another volunteer, and you thought your actions may have played a role in it. Since wounds take time to heal give those you hurt here time to heal, and make us proud, and also cheer you on, as you become the best volunteer at a site that right now is so lost, and my heart aches so much to see this happening here. Let’s not point fingers anymore since it gets us nowhere, let’s just start all over again, and make things right one more time…for viki, that is Rakuten Viki, and for our own self, so we can be happy and proud to be a Rviki volunteer giving all the best we have in us.


I mainly agree with your post, but this part doesn’t seem right to me. Can we please not diagnose others, when we don’t know them and can we please not judge other people with simmilar mental health issues because of the actions of one person?
I feel like the problem here is that their problems are majorly impacting their life and the life of other volunteers, If someone is working on their issues so that it won’t end that way, I belive there should be no reason to leave the community.


I appreciate your sincerity in your post.

I also see no reason to continue this discussion, it’s all over! I see no reason to go on crucifying and go on with these silly messages.

I’ve already apologized and I have a clear conscience. For me, I will continue to help in the way I can and I know I have the ability, nothing more. I’m not getting into trouble, I’m not insulting anyone (as they said I’m doing it), and so many other things. I think if everyone here has conscience and is an adult, they would stop right now, as I am doing. As for me, my respect for everyone remains normal, commendable, loving, etc… Lately I’ve been so focused on something else that I don’t see any reason to get into conflict.

Whether you like it or not, I’m not bothering anyone. These days I received an offending message and discovered some lies, and so far I have not done anything. I deleted the message and let the lie about me pass. If I was worried and spiteful, I wouldn’t even be responding here. Do you understand?

Anyway… for me, nothing happened, if you guys want to keep spreading lies and more and more… feel free, I don’t want to play around with debating anymore, for me “done”.

I hope you guys feel that way too and we will each live our lives. I’ve been watching so many dramas and I’m usually texting just to praise the crew, that’s the most I do nothing more lol.

I hope to see you on Viki and that, like me, you leave history behind and focus on what comes after today. That’s what we can do.


Lol, I am not @lilashnie. I don’t speak Spanish, I am still learning. So this association is a little bit too much, but… I don’t mind, I just keep moving on, I know that I am a good person and I have nothing to do with it.



I see…it’s really sad to see all these things going on in here. I wish you ALL the best, and thank you for your well wishes. Sorry about the confusion in regards to @lilashnie. It was all an honest misunderstanding.

Enjoy your weekend.


It’s very funny to me that you said that this site right now is “so lost” considering that one, your profile was created this month, wait no let me correct myself you created this account on September 22nd…so yesterday. Two, you’re not even a contributor. So my question is, how do you know that, for example, Belle is a person that is always calm? Next time, comment with your real account.

For jumping the gun you at this time must be feeling like you should have kept your ‘‘mouth’’ (fingers) shut, right? Let’s just leave all this behind, and start a new chapter. On my end like @kakkkasup wrote is over and let’s move on to bigger and better things. Btw, I’ve been here since 2013, and also want to start fresh so I deleted my old account and with that my Gold QC status.

You see what happens when we judge others without thinking first? I have done that too, and I learned my lesson. I still think we ALL in life deserve a chance to make things right, and right now I’m heading down that road. Hopefully with everyone’s opened arms. This is my new but real account.

Enjoy your weekend.


Nope, I did not “jump the gun’ as you said, and I certainly don’t feel like I should have kept my mouth shut. I simply thought it was better to not get involved with you guys who excuse his behavior with the “he learned his lesson”, " we should move on” agenda, and the victim card the OP likes to play. Oh, so you have been a contributor for a long time? What was your old account?

I am also not judging someone without thinking first. I am just judging someone based on their actions. It’s hard to move on when so many volunteers have been affected, harassed, and threatened by this person. He claims people are telling lies, but is it a lie when there is proof of their actions? The fact that Viki is not taking action is mind-blowing.



I meant you jumped the gun, and probably thought I might be @kakkkasup in another account. I don’t blame you.

I really do understand the feeling everyone must have felt with all this going on, and that is why I said RViki is so lost bc in the past this would never have happened. I am as mind blown over as anyone else here, that this has gone this far. I hope the higher up’s do something so things like this don’t ever happen again.


“Registration of an account with Us for access to the Rakuten Viki Service (“ Account ”) must be made using your own email address or your own account with Third-Party Services authorised by Us. __An individual may only create one Account._

The fact that he uses multiple accounts to try and sub all the minority languages, as well as Korean, Chinese and Japanese, while pretending to be a female and constantly harassing English editors to add him to our teams is already grounds for removal!

He violated Viki Policy over and over. Viki deleted so many of his accounts, yet he keeps violating policy and returning with other accounts to write bogus subs!

Would any normal person do that? Would any normal person not know what his other identities are doing?

As Angelight says, this is not worth raising my stress level. I just don’t want him to contact me again with his many requests in different accounts always making claims to know languages he doesn’t and asking to be on my teams. When I say No and delete his messages, he comes back with his tirades!

When I said yes to my friend to use my English and editing skills for Viki, I didn’t sign up for harassment or irrational verbal attacks from someone obviously not living in reality, a compulsive liar, and with multiple identities that even Viki gave up deleting!


This is very unrelated to what’s happening in this discussion, but I am curious as to why you decided to create a new account. If you don’t mind my asking, was there a specific reason you decided to start with a clean slate? Are you going back to contributing again?


No, I did not think you were Kakaa, I simply found it odd that a new account created yesterday was saying viki was on the road to being lost and that you were familiar with the people around.

I do, however, agree with you. I hope that something gets done. I don’t contribute, but I like to look at the forums and familiarize myself with the work you guys do. It is kind of worrisome that the very hard work many people put into the shows I like to watch is being put in jeopardy because no action is being taking about situations like this.



I know is off topic, but with due respect, I will answer you. I am right now waiting to be assigned a part that hopefully will happen soon or I’ll head to bed since is 11 pm already. I wanted to start new because to me contribution count is just but a number, and my main goal is to give to this site the quality I know I can give, and this site deserve to have in the Spanish subtitles. We have amazing Spanish teams here, and I just want to be part of them so we can make our Spanish language shine throughout in the subtitles.


Oh?! Spanish community? I am also part of the Spanish community. Might have seen your old account around(maybe?). But yes, we do have wonderful Spanish teams here and lovely people. Like many communities we have our issues and ups and downs, but having great team mates that have your back is worth it. Right now I only have Viki pass standard projects, if not I would gladly offer a spot in one of my teams.

I do agree with you that the count is just but a number. We aren’t here for the numbers, but to provide quality subtitles for the people who watch. And even ourselves. There’s nothing better than watching a drama here on Viki knowing that the subs are as best as they can be.



The worse part is that the trust has been lost to the point that now everyone is afraid they might be adding an abuser in their team. That’s why I’m so sad and disappointed that they let things get so out of hand.

There are other things that are going on here that defies anyone’s reasoning like when I read how ‘‘paid subbers’’ go to a drama and with no etiquette, and respect to other contributors, start over writing while volunteers are working in that same part/segment of the episode. That, in my eyes is so very wrong. The same way they expect non paid volunteers to follow guidelines; the paid subbers, should follow them too. No one should be exempt from showing common courtesy toward others.



Así es, dar lo mejor que nosotros podemos dar y hacer los subtítulos en Español dignos de nosotros como Hispanos/Latinos que somos. El orgullo más grande es ver nuestros subtítulos en los dramas ser halagados por la audiencia que los ve y disfruta, su calidad al cien por ciento.

Gracias por considerarme, quien sabe si en el futuro vamos a poder trabajar en el equipo juntas. Creo que sí tuve parte de un equipo donde también estabas como ‘‘subber.’’ No recuerdo el título, pero yo solo trabajé en programas, no en dramas.


I want to ask a question for those who wants to judge me.

"Do you know me?":confused:

That’s it. I’ve already said that I don’t care about your insults and lies, whatever you want to show or do.

I have proofs and screenshots, it’s a pity that I can’t show them in public chat and without the permission of the people involved. (Another point that I think is important to highlight is, why would I show you something without even knowing you? I don’t want to be rude or anything, but every time I try to close this subject, an unfortunate person comes here to talk nonsense or say that I’m liar…)

People, stop coming here to try to be a know-it-all about something that has already passed… I’m really tired and I don’t care if you think I’m lying or not. For the sake of this platform, stop rambling on.

“Do you think I create accounts and lie?”

All right, fine, I don’t care, I’m not going to give you an award for this and not cause a fuss.
This is what you want? So, it’s done. Now leave me alone and think what you want.

(I say this with all sincere respect. Why keep trying to light a fire that has already been put out?)

With all due respect but already disrespecting, are you done talking nonsense?
I don’t want attention, on the contrary, I want peace, which I haven’t found in a long time since someone from a certain community came to meddle in the matter that had already been resolved!

Jeslyn, the Ex-Viki Staff knows this. Several times I talked to her and said I wasn’t going to do anything else, and what I promised I’ve fulfilled and I’m still fulfilling to this day, if you want to use my name to blame your mistakes… what else can I do? (Jeslyn also give me help, also talked to me, also tried to understand what happened. When I talked to her and explained everything, she just said to me “Okay, Kauã. Thanks for helping me to understand things, now I think we should just move on.” That’s what I did and that’s what I am going to do.)


I only contacted you once and it was just to find out about your English team! (The CM said to me, if you want to help or know about something, just talk to our CE @worthyromance! Read the messages before accusing someone. I asked your criterion for recruiting GE and TE, and the time I asked if I could help the English team on a variety show it was just a matter of transcribing what the presenters were saying!!
Just stop dear. Please, if you are going to say something that has nothing to do with it… skip the topic.

I never contacted you again as yourself asked me not to contact you in the first message. You were rude to me the first time we talked and left. Why am I going after you and humiliating myself?
You’re not someone I deserve to expect anything from. It’s over now.

I just can say sorry if I was disrespectful, but again… stop bringing this topic for nothing, I won’t be answering something I already explained. And I don’t think we should be here and right now talking about it, this is all for nothing since, for me, it’s all over and I am moving on.

Good luck😉