UNCLE - Every Thursday at 10 PM ET - Episode 8


Ok, I participated in Viki’s Watch Party for Uncle on Wednesday. It’s pretty good even though many characters deserve to be kicked in the fanny. Maybe that’s why several decided to continue with it. We are waiting for all of them to fall flat on their faces.

In any case! Join us! Episode EIGHT and NINE, Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 at 10 PM ET.

Thursday Jan 27 EP8 - LINK - TBA

We’ll see if our new WP visitors can find this discussion board.

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Ok! Tonight’s Watch Party - Uncle - EP 3 @ 9 PM ET.



One of my favorite family shows!


Wow. This show appeared on the front page and there are 20 people in.


Cool! Glad to hear it’s finally working for some WPs! Can’t join because I’m not in the mood to watch this genre… you all have fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think it’s the newer, shorter and free shows? Not sure what the criteria are.


ooh… maybe you can’t create WPs for Viki Pass Standard shows?

But The Red Sleeve is Viki Pass-locked and I’m sure I saw a WWWSK WP some time ago… :woman_shrugging:


We (a few of us frequent watch partiers) determined that the ONLY ones you can make public are actually the ones that require a pass, otherwise they default to private.


oh my, that’s weird! :sweat_smile: Anyway, well done, Detectives of Viki Squad!


they’re so cute! I’m enjoying this drama so far


Thursday, Jan 27- Show starts at 10 PM ET / 8 PM MT!