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It seems that they are not available for anyone yet. We have to wait for Viki to release them to the public and see if it’s licensed in our countries or not :woman_shrugging:t2:


Thanks so much for the update @marykarmelina.

@dannyelita32_368 Not licensed in my region either. Let’s hope for licensing. I’m adding information to the fan channels and tagging a few volunteers.


Its sadly nothing new, that they all restricted


Same here… all restricted :frowning:


MBC’s upcoming drama “The Spy Who Loved Me”


#FlyFromRagsToRiches’s first script reading:


#SungHoon confirmed cast as male lead for scriptwriter #ImSungHan’s comeback drama <#MarrigeStory>, the drama is in talks to broadcast on TVCHOSUN.


I know the drama was not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but I really enjoyed watching “New Tales of Gisaeng”.
I’m curious to learn more about “Marriage Story” (from writer of “New Tales of Gisaeng”). The writer usually creates week-day dramas, none of which I’ve seen. However, she did write “Jewel Bibimbap” (2009) aka “Assorted Gems”, a weekend drama I saw here on Viki; it was a jewel indeed.

Thanks so much @marykarmelina for keeping us all up-to-date. Take care!


Would there any possibily that Viki has older good dramas like Jealousy Encarnate or or Incontrolably fond avaible for all like happens with king of Baking?


Both dramas have a channel on Viki, but neither are available in my region (USA).
“Jealously Incarnate” :

“Uncontrollably Fond”:


I know but I want to know if there any possibility that viki take off the restrictions?..


I don’t know if Viki will take off restrictions for the two dramas you mentioned.

Recently KOCOWA made “King of Baking: Kim Tak Goo” (2010) aka “Bread, Love, Dreams” available on their site, perhaps that’s why Viki has it once again.
The drama had extremely high ratings in Korea.,_Kim_Tak_Goo/Episode_Ratings


@dannyelita32_368 @aznative

I think if those kdramas are licensed and available on kocowa then we have a big chance for them to be here too.

For example Lee Dong Wook’s Blade Man lost its license years ago but now it’s available on kocowa therefore now it has been re-licensed here. Or because Lee Dong Wook is coming back with a new kdrama this year, Viki is re- licensing his kdramas here so that fans get to see his last projects :thinking:


Thank you maryk.

Perhaps KOCOWA services may expand beyond North and South America in the future.
When KOCOWA licenses these older dramas that come [back] to Viki, I wonder if licensing on Viki is for the same regions as KOCOWA.

I noticed “The Time We Were Not in Love” (2015) has also made a ‘comeback’ to Viki.


Supposed to be on Kakao TV in November 2020.